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When you use services, we collect information you provide to us: Account information, your name, email address, username. This is the only information you need to provide to create an account with You may also provide us with access to personal information in messages you send to customer support or in reviews you provide to us or other users. This may involve access to your IP address, personal data, address, telephone number, e-mail address or to see where you are.

The data is only used for integrity analysis and may not then be used for other purposes. does not share information that can identify you without your express consent or for legal reasons. Storage and information security

We at work hard to keep your information secure and use a combination of technical, administrative and physical controls to maintain the security of your data. This includes using SSL certificates to encrypt most of our services. SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate is a type of electronic identification. In the same way that people can identify themselves with ID cards and passports, can, for example, identify themselves with an SSL certificate (ISRG). Through a browser, a kind of identity check of the certificate can be done to see who holds it.

Card and bank information

Certain functions on enable transactions between you and us. If you activate paid features, you must provide certain information for identification and verification, such as your name, address, date of birth, card number, bank account IBAN number, card expiration date and CVV code.

This information is stored with a third party that handles payments for The information is encrypted and sent to the card network, which if approved returns a token which is a random string of characters used to complete transactions without exposing your card information. only shares your personal data when it is necessary to fulfill our agreement with you as described in this privacy policy and our terms and conditions. does not store this information on our servers. Please note that third-party payment processors may retain this information in accordance with their own privacy policies and terms, or as required by law. 

Information we collect automatically

When you visit, we use different technologies to give you the best possible experience and functionality. automatically collects information about the technology you use: your device, your browser, IP address, network operator and so on. The data collected varies depending on the device you use. uses various internal and third-party tools to measure how you interact with our services. For example, which items you click on, which items you like, who you follow, how often and last you used our services, and if and where the application crashes for you. can also derive your approximate location from your IP address.

How we use personal data uses the data we collect to provide you with the products and services we offer and to fulfill our terms of use with you. This includes using data to improve and personalize your experiences. We at also use data to communicate with you, for example to inform you about your account, new products or services, updates to these terms and other types of updates. uses personal data for the following purposes:

To deliver the results you expect from us. needs your name to display your profile and your email to get in touch with you to communicate important events, for example about a news event.

Communicate with you uses the information we collect to deliver and customize our communication with you. We at may, for example, contact you via e-mail or other electronic communication, to inform you about new services, update you on a support matter, security or software updates or invite you to participate in a survey.

We at use data to respond to customer inquiries, diagnose technical problems and provide customer care and support services. Safe and efficient 

It is important for us to keep a safe sex shop place to buy sex toys. We at do everything we can to avoid unwanted or criminal activity on the store, with both visible and hidden measures. To facilitate this, stores and uses certain information, including IP addresses, e-mail addresses, message history and other collected personal data. This processing is necessary to fulfill the agreement we at have with you. uses cookies or similar technology for the purposes described above. 

For Legal reasons

If we at are asked to share your personal information with a government authority, such as the local police, this information will be shared following a legal request. In these cases, the exact information shared is specified in the legal request and will include: Your name and address, IP address, chat history, location information. You will not be notified if such sharing occurs.

In the event of a dispute, relevant information such as information about one or more lists and message history may be shared with the other party to the dispute or others. Information about children is not aimed at and does not intend to attract children under the age of 18. Although visitors of all ages can navigate through websites, we do not want to collect or request personal data from people under the age of 18. If we at see that, following a message from a parent, guardian or discovery in another way, a child under the age of 18 has been incorrectly registered, will terminate the child's account and delete the child's personal data from our records. Cookies

All professional websites use cookies. We at recommend that you leave on all cookies if you are unsure whether you need them or not in case they are used to provide a service that you use.

You can prevent the setting of cookies by adjusting the settings in your browser. Be aware that disabling cookies will affect the functionality of and many other websites that you visit. Disabling cookies will usually result in certain features and functions on the website also being disabled. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not disable cookies.

If you create an account with, we will use cookies to manage the registration process and general administration. These cookies will usually be deleted when you log out but in some cases they may remain afterwards to remember your website settings when you log out. uses cookies when you are logged in so that we can remember this. This prevents you from having to log in every time you visit a new page. These cookies are usually deleted or cleared when you log out to ensure that you can only access limited features and areas when you are logged in. In some special cases, we also use cookies from trusted third parties. Data storage will keep your personal data as long as you maintain a customer relationship with us and as long as it is necessary to comply with applicable laws, resolve disputes with possible parties and otherwise that is necessary for us to be able to conduct our business. We at do this because it is necessary for us to be able to deliver our services to you. Any personal information we retain will be subject to this privacy policy and our internal retention guidelines.

Delete personal information

As long as your account is active, we at will store your personal information, lists, message history and other information that you register. You can choose to delete your user account at any time. In such event, your user profile will no longer be available on our Service as an immediate action. will retain your information for up to 3 months as this information may be required by government authorities or to resolve disputes.

Please note that messages sent will still be available to those users, even after your account has been deleted.

If an account has been involved in fraud, we at may store personal information about that account permanently to prevent them from accessing our services at a later time. This processing is based on our legitimate interest (GDPR).

Your rights

You can get a copy of the personal data we have about you.

You can correct any of the personal data we have about you.

You can ask to delete the personal information we have about you.

You may inform staff of any changes to your personal data.

You can ask to send the personal information you have given us to a third party.

If uses your personal data on the basis of your consent, you have the right to withdraw this consent at any time.

You can exercise these rights by Contact us on the contact page.

If you do not think that we at have been able to help you with your problem, you have the right to submit a complaint to the Data Protection Authority (IMY).

Your choices

If you wish to access or edit profile information, you can do so from the settings page on

If you want to close your account, you can do this from the settings page.

Who we are and how to contact us

If you need to get in touch with for suggestions, questions or concerns about this policy or about our use of your information, please CONTACT US. Latest: 2023-07-09