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Vagina High Tech Masturbator
  • Vagina High Tech Masturbator
  • Vagina High Tech Masturbator
  • Vagina High Tech Masturbator
  • Vagina High Tech Masturbator

Vagina High Tech Masturbator

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Do you want to enhance those cold nights alone and turn them into special nights with sperm and orgasms? Try the new masturbator!

Iis a male a vagina shaped masturbator. But nothing is further from the truth, is a masturbator with 10 vibration functions with which it will not be able to bore you even if you want to.

In turn, he has a system that will give you that touch of realism that we always look for in our masturbation nights. All you have to do is press the sound button to start listening to sensual and provocative moans. If yes, you are reading it correctly, masturbator has a moaning system, with which you will add that touch of passion that you were looking for.

But you might think, if I turn it on, will everyone hear me? No, since this masturbator you can put your headphones on to enjoy the sensual and passionate moans of him alone, raise or lower the volume, it is for you as you enjoy it.

The vagina-shaped sleeve has been made of soft materials and is USB rechargeable. You can also put masturbator wherever you want thanks to its strong suction cup that you will find at the base.

Remember to properly clean your masturbator with a  warm water and dry it well to maximize its useful life. Use your favorite water-based lube for an extra wet experience.

  • 10 vibration functions
  • Moan function masturbator
  • With headphone jack
  • Vagina-shaped sheath
  • Material: TPR + ABS
  • Strong suction cup at the base
  • USB rechargeable masturbator
  • Masturbator length: 11 cm



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