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Tentation Pheromones Woman to Man
  • Tentation Pheromones Woman to Man
  • Tentation Pheromones Woman to Man
  • Tentation Pheromones Woman to Man
  • Tentation Pheromones Woman to Man
  • Tentation Pheromones Woman to Man
  • Tentation Pheromones Woman to Man

Tentation Pheromones Woman to Man

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Are you looking for different sexual sensations regarding pheromones? Try a unique and different Pheromone. Here you have it, a concentrated sex product based on pheromones.

Pheromones act as chemical messengers that transmit information about the person, such as temperament, sexual appetite, etc ..., This information travels to the hypothalamus and this triggers an instinctive response of attraction or rejection.

Our Pheromone is designed based on synergistic combinations of different pheromones and taking into account the sex of the carrier and the recipient. Some of the substances we work with are Ÿ: Androstanone Ÿ Androstenone Ÿ Alpha-androstenol Ÿ Beta-androstenol Ÿ DHEPA-SS Ÿ Androstadienol, etc.

Our pheromones have been created by synthesis in reputable laboratories in the United Kingdom and USA and have not been extracted or tested on animals. Do you dare to try it?

Pheromones are airborne molecules that provoke a sex reaction in another member of the same species, and the most well-known ones are potent aphrodisiacs such as androstenone and androstanol.


Iincreases your sex appeal. Androstanone has sexually aggressive effects similar to that of Androstenone, but is a bit gentler and more appropriate for less sexual social situations.  In fact, women have reported that androstanone can make other people more friendly and sociable towards you.  It also bring more attention towards you, which makes this a very valuable pheromone for places like parties and clubs.


Simulates sexual  dominance and heightens attractiveness to women. Androstenone causes men to be sexually attractive to women and is used by a man to attract women. Androstenone increases sex appeal and perceived authority while also giving a dominant, confident impression. 


Makes women feel more comfortable and attracted to you. Alpha-Androstenol to create a fun upbeat talkative vibe. Women who are exposed to Alpha-Androstenol tend to initiate social contact with males, and are more likely to be friendly and receptive to males. Androstenol does cause talkativeness in females, sometimes to the extreme. Alpha Androstenol has a musky sweaty aromatic scent. Some say that it smells very much like sandalwood.


Raises your masculine status and elevates women’s moods. Androsterone an androgen hormone, produced in the testes and detectable in men's urine.


Entices women to approach first. Beta Androstenol to have the characteristics of creating an attractive, comfortable, intimate, and open feeling that can go very deep. It creates a smooth easy going atmosphere. Beta Androstenol to make people approach or be approachable, creating a willingness to connect and share yourself. People react as though you are a close intimate friend whose opinion is very important. They feel very comfortable with you, and will tell you very private things. When you wear Beta Androstenol  that this pheromone works on you as well. You may find yourself telling an absolute stranger all your deepest secrets. The good news is you both will be enjoying the heck out of it.


Communicates youth and vitality. Epiandrosterone a prohormone that immediately converts into the sex hormones found in the sexy body.


Androstadienone is one of the most potent pheromones in clinical studies. Increases sexual attraction and simulates romantic feelings. Androstadienone improves mood and focus. Androstadienone modulates human sexual aggression in a sex-dependent manner.

Pheromones Woman to Man Features:

  • Bottle 30 ml
  • Woman to Man

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