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Sucking Masturbator
  • Sucking Masturbator
  • Sucking Masturbator
  • Sucking Masturbator
  • Sucking Masturbator
  • Sucking Masturbator
  • Sucking Masturbator
  • Sucking Masturbator
  • Sucking Masturbator
  • Sucking Masturbator

Sucking Masturbator

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This Pro Ultra Realistic Masturbator is designed to fuck and suck you like a pro! Give in to your carnal desire and give yourself a treat that you can use to train yourself to get to your edge, stay there, or go right over. Use it hands free and enjoy the sensation of having all the work done for you. Play out any fantasy you like with this Masturbator!

Relax, settle in and get ready to pleasure yourself! Explore new orgasm sensations that enhance your masturbation solo sessions with this Extreme Mastorbator! The Masturbator sucks, squeezes and vibrates to give you the most satisfying experience with new sensations to enjoy! 

The interior tunnel is ultra realistic so you can enjoy a life-like fantasy as you stroke the soft, stretchy TPE. 

The case is made from ABS plastic and has a powerful motor inside. Made of phthalate-free, body safe TPE, the sleeve is also easy to clean and can be removed from the case to wash in warm water and soap.  

Enjoy 3 modes of suction, 3 modes of squeezing and 10 modes of vibration. Try them individually or enjoy them together! Fully rechargeable, you can get a full charge in 2 hours using the USB cable provided.

First, grab your favorite water-based lube and squirt some into the tunnel, then spread the rest on your cock. Turn the Masturbator on to explore gentle squeezing as you warm up with slow strokes. Then add a little suction, playing with the edge of different intensities. Finally, add all 3 modes by bringing strong, buzzing vibration into the mix! Feel yourself getting closer and closer, then pull back before going over the edge. Enjoy layers and levels of pleasure with this realistic feeling milker! After you’re done, simply remove the sleeve.

Cloud button:

Press repeatedly to cycle through 3 sucking modes. Press and hold for 3 seconds to stop suction

Squeeze button

Press repeatedly to cycle through 3 squeezing modes. Press and hold for 3 seconds to stop squeezing

Squeeze 2 top button

Press repeatedly to cycle through 3 modes of simultaneous squeezing and suction. Press and hold for 3 seconds to stop squeezing and suction

Manual button side of case

Press and hold to activate vibration, suction, and squeezing modes simultaneously. Release button to stop all functions

Realistic Textured Sleeve: 

The inside of this TPE tunnel is designed to be ultra-realistic to enhance your fantasy. It is soft and stretchy with ridges and curves that add sensational stimulation as you penetrate and thrust. Designed so it can be easily cleaned, this sleeve can simply be removed from the case to wash with warm water soap.

Powerful Suction and Squeezing Modes: 

Explore 3 intense sucking modes by pressing the Cloud button or 3 squeezing modes by pressing the Squeeze button. Combine sucking and squeezing by pressing the Squeeze2 button at the top.

Deep Vibrations: 

Enjoy vibrations from a powerful bullet vibrator that’s located inside the toy at the base of the sleeve. It’s tucked away so you won’t make contact directly, but will feel the vibrations! Press the Manual button on the side of the case to activate 10 modes of vibration while you enjoy suction and squeezing combined!

Interior Sleeve Can Be Removed to Clean: 

The interior sleeve is completely removable so you can take it out and thoroughly wash your toy. Use warm water and soap on the sleeve and wipe down the exterior case. When not in use, use the cap to keep any dust or debris out of the sleeve and hole.


Use the USB cable provided and connect the magnetic end to the case to recharge. Charge for no more than 2 hours to ensure a long battery life. 

The case is made of ABS plastic making it a sturdy case to keep your ultra stretchy, TPE sleeve. The sleeve is nestled snug inside the case so you can enjoy the textured interior that gives it a realistic feel! The ridges and curves add sensuality and stimulation to the stroking caused by the suction modes. 

The case has a cap to cover the entry hole so you can keep dust and debris out and keep the insides clean. To thoroughly clean the sleeve, gently remove it without yanking the corded bullet vibrator out of the base. The bullet is tucked into a pocket in the sleeve, so take that out and then wash the sleeve with warm water and soap. Let the sleeve fully dry before tucking it back inside the case with the bullet slipped into the sleeve. Recharge between uses via the USB cable provided. Use only water-based lubricant for best results.

  • Materials: TPE, ABS plastic, silicone
  • Color: Black, blue, white
  • Use only water-based lubricants
  • Case length: 10.8 inches, width: 3.6 inches
  • Insertion length: 5.5 inches



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