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The skirt is so wide would love to get under it and kiss your pussy over your panties. That is if u r wearing one. Would u kindly spread your legs. Yeah press my head hard against your pussy and make me suffocate. Part your pussy lips with your fingers let me bury my nose deep. I can sense your pussy flower blooming Ok let me part your panty and see your wet pussy I can see the clit shaking I will first tease it with the tip of my tongue Then I will part the pussy lips an blow air gently U lift your ass so that your pussy reaches my mouth No I will first suck your clit and twirl it with my tongue Press my head hard against your pussy let me have deep access to your clit. I now also wet my middle finger with your pussy juice and insert it slowly up your ass. Now I insert my tongue deep in your pussy. You start jumping my mouth with my tongue sliding in. Meanwhile I remove my boxers. I wear it over your head the crotch area right in front of your face. My mouth is sore, and u are reaching your climax. As you are about to cum I remove my tongue. Ur rhythm breaks and u slide down to my lap. As you are about to cum I remove my tongue. Ur rhythm breaks and u slide down to my lap. You bury your face in the neck. I start caressing your smooth ass as I smell your hair. I push your face back and look into your eyes. Then I lower my face and kiss your full lips You part your lips and I suck your lower lip. U let out a gasp and open your mouth. The very second my tongue enters your mouth and start exploring your mouth. I find your tongue and tongues started to dance. Our mouthed fused and we were drooling eating our mouths. I grab you boobs and starts to knead them gently. You can feel my cock hardening against your soft ass. You grind your body against mine my hand pressed hard. Stuck between your boobs and my chest. I reach out and manage to twerk your nipple to stop you from crushing me. My mouth is now sucking you naked ear lobe. I dart my tongue inside your ear. Pull your hair and as your head lifts up I start kissing and licking your neck. I lake u stand up now your tummy is right in front of me I blow slowly at your navel and run my tongue from the opening of your pussy up till the beginning of your cleavage. I bring my young back the same way and stop right at the tip of the deep navel. And I kiss the navel full and slowly insert my tongue into the depth of your navel. I then slide down part your pussy flicks my tongue on your clitty and move her down. Then I turn u around. And start kissing and licking your ass cheeks. I ask u to offer your ass to me. You obediently part your ass cheeks and offer me your butt hole. I first smell it and approve it. I blow air with my mouth at the opening if your butthole. Then I slowly start licking it. Ur butthole starts relaxing and dilating. I wet the tip of my finger in your wet pussy and inserts it in your asshole. U squirm. As the butthole opens up I dig my tongue deep in and starts tongue fucking your butthole I then lay u down on the bade floor breaking yet another orgasm and now I make you sit on my face my tongue buried in your wet pussy. Licking the inside. U start riding my face slowly. I push you face down to my crotch. Getting the signal u grab my cock and started licking my cock head. Now my head is gleaming with your saliva and u can’t resist it. You swallow it till my cock head gets buried in your throat making u gag. You let my cock go. It slowly emerges from your mouth covered in thick saliva. U suck it again building up a rhythm. Meanwhile am fucking u with my mouth. We both are about to cum. I pull out yet again and starts wetting your butthole. I get up and asks you to go on all four and get into a doggy position. I spit into my hands and apply it on my cock. I then part your ads cheeks and dig my cock deep into your asshole. Holding your ass checks hard I start pumping you ass. I watch your boobs swinging. Grabs one and starts squeezing. U moan. Just as I am about to cum I pull out and ask you sit on my lap as I lie down. Then you guide my cock into your slick pussy. You pin my hands and starts riding me. I was in seventh heaven and by the look on your face and by the sound of your moans I was sure you were also there in heaven. I freed my hands, held your waist and rotated u on my cock. Now you held my legs and started riding me. Finally you climaxed riding me. Shuddering hard sweating. When you finally came out of your exalted state, I pieced out my still stiff cock. We lay side by side. You hugged me and kissed me deep. Then u started playing with my nipples and scratching my chest. With one hand u grabbed my cock feeling the hardness you made me lye in my back. Then got up to suck my cock. Spitting on my cock. You gave me super wet blow job. My body tensed up as I was ready to shoot my load. As I tried to avoid cumming in your mouth. You held me down and I shot my load Dee in your mouth. You swallowed it all pulled out my cock and kissed it. Exhausted we both hugged and slept off my face buried deep in your armpit. 


The LOVE TRILOGY written by

Copyright (c)