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Gnetics Penis Extender
  • Gnetics Penis Extender
  • Gnetics Penis Extender
  • Gnetics Penis Extender

Gnetics Penis Extender

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Last generation penis extender! Gnetics Penis Extender is an advanced device manufactured to lengthen and enlarge the penis by means of the traction method and the innovative Ergoturn system, which allows the penis to be placed in its natural position thus avoiding the possible pain associated with its use. 

This device for the penis is responsible for developing the tissues of the male member enlarging the proportions and thus generating greater pleasure in sexual relations and making it one of the best penis extenders.

Gnetics Penis Extender influences directly on the sexual life of men. Lengthening the penis makes sexual relationships more satisfactory both for men and women. Moreover, it helps to recover the self-confidence and eliminates any kind of sexual complex.

The objective of the treatment with Gnetics is boosting the growing and development of tissues in the penis shaft using traction, because if a part of the body is held by a constant tension, cells can multiply giving as result an increase of the determined tissue.

Gnetics Penis Extender is really comfortable due to it incorporates Ergoturn patented technology, which allows to put the penis on its natural position preventing this way the possible pain associated to its use. It’s classified as a Device Type 1 and is EU registered. Likewise, it has CE certification, what means it meets the indicated requirements for the minimum security standards and can be sold legally inside EU and Free Commerce European Area.

Penis extensor works thanks to the traction system. This method is one of the most effective when we want to achieve an increase in the penis size.

Penis size is conditioned by the capacity of the corpus cavernosum, which widen and lengthen when blood goes through them. This penis extensor is based on the symmetric traction principle, which applies continue and progressive pressure on the penis, which impulses the growing of the suspensory ligament and the rest of the penile tissues. This makes blood has more space to run across the penis and so, erections are greater.

Its new ergonomic Ergoturn system is patented and it’s exclusive for Gnetics Penis Extender. It allows putting the penis on its natural position preventing possible pains. In addition, it provides a turn radio of 45º vs the 13º of the rest of penis extensors in the market. This new technology allows adapting Gnetic Extender to the particular characteristics of everybody, improving the colocation and providing comfort. One of its benefits is acting in a soft and unpainful way.


  • Enlargement and enlargement of the penis naturally
  • Increase sexual response and confidence
  • ure the Peyronie syndrome
  • Elongation of the erected penis
  • Elongation of the flaccid penis
  • Thickening of the erected penis
  • Thickening of the flaccid penis

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