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Flux Electro Sex Stimulator
  • Flux Electro Sex Stimulator
  • Flux Electro Sex Stimulator
  • Flux Electro Sex Stimulator
  • Flux Electro Sex Stimulator
  • Flux Electro Sex Stimulator
  • Flux Electro Sex Stimulator
  • Flux Electro Sex Stimulator
  • Flux Electro Sex Stimulator
  • Flux Electro Sex Stimulator
  • Flux Electro Sex Stimulator
  • Flux Electro Sex Stimulator
  • Flux Electro Sex Stimulator

Flux Electro Sex Stimulator

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Flux - Hard Play for Hard Players!

Building on the success of their recent product releases the team at Electra Stim continue to innovate and update their product line with a brand new high performance stimulator unit Flux.

Providing intense electro stimulation power 99 levels and a broad spread of play modes. The dual output Flux combines some of the most popular and innovative modes from Electra Stim's electro stimulator offerings and wraps them in a high-end package with a competitive price point.

Flux is designed to sit at an intermediate to advanced user level while offering improved versions of all the modes found within the best-selling SensaVox.

Incredibly simple to use, with a monochrome aesthetic that will appeal to harder players and look at home in BDSM displays. Flux combines power and tech in one package.

Flux considerably enhances the 2 popular audio control modes Microphone & Line-In with stereo digital processing and also includes two new motion controlled modes pioneered by Electra Stim - Flick & Tilt.

Utilising an internal accelerometer, these modes allow for dynamic play where a flick of the wrist will produce unique electro stimulation patterns. Of course, over 20 pre-programmed Wave & Pulse patterns are also available within Flux for a varied range of sensations straight from the box.

Based on the warm reception received to the high-tech look and operation of AXIS, Flux also includes a bright OLED display that is viewable from all angles and provides vital information about intensity, mode, battery levels and technical information.

Flux also includes a brand new configuration option requested by many of our most experienced users- Zero Override. Once activated, the stimulation will no longer reset to zero when the user changes mode and instead will remain consistent throughout.

Designed for intense play or edging for improved stamina control, ElectraStim Flux multi-function stimulator has 99 intensity levels, 6 play modes and configuration options to let you play your way. Flux delivers uncompromised high-end features and unrivaled functionality. The perfect upgrade from a single channel or introductory stimulator.

Simple operation combined with a high speed micro processor and high contrast OLED display means you stay in constant control of Flux’s responsive play modes.

  • Dimensions package: 21 x 26 x 7 cm
  • Weight package: 650 gram
  • Electro Stimulator dimensions: 2,5 x 6,8 x 11,4 cm
  • Electro Stimulatort weight: 116 gram
  • Batteries required: 1
  • Batteries type: product specific lithium ion
  • Batteries included: Yes
  • Materials: Electronic - ROHS Compliant

Electro Stimulator Features:

  • Dual output
  • 99 Intensity levels
  • 6 Play Modes. 40+ options
  • OLED graphic display
  • Motion control modes (Flick & Tilt)
  • Sound control modes (Microphone & Line-In)
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery (0-80% charge in under an hour)
  • Adhesive electro-pads included

Electro Stimulator Modes:

  • Wave: 11 Pre-programmed wave patterns
  • Pulse: 12 Pre-programmed pulse patterns
  • Flick: Inherited from our EM60 unit, our patented Flick mode utilises the internal accelerometer
  • Literally flick the unit (like cracking a whip) for a virtual spank of intensity to the connected accessory

5 Varieties

Tilt: Tilt Flux to control the sensation with precision. 

Microphone: Flux responds relation to external sounds/voice using an integrated microphone. 5 Varieties.

Line-In: Use direct line-in audio (from any audio source with a 3.5mm headphone jack) to control the stimulation. 4 varieties.


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