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You must be at least 18 years old to shop in our sex shop

There is no minimum or maximum limit on orders for goods from our range. The item is sent to you anonymously with DHL with tracking number in a discreet package directly from one of our warehouses from Spain or the Netherlands.

No one will know where and what you bought. On the overview of transactions in your bank statements, you will only find - (SM).  We do not send promotional letters. All your information stays with us and is not disclosed.

Delivery time

Normal delivery time is 2-4 working days after we have received your payment. You will receive notification of any deviations in connection with the order confirmation via e-mail. You of course have the right to cancel or change your order.

We currently have free shipping with package ID. In this case, we send your package as registered mail. The package receives a package number and can be tracked, which makes it impossible for it to disappear.

Unredeemed packages are charged with all Post office fees plus a handling fee 50 EUR.


PayPal - direct payment by card.

An invoice appears in the window when you have completed the order, which is also sent to you at the e-mail address you have specified in the order.

You will receive a payment confirmation when we have received your payment.

All prices in our catalog include VAT.


You do not need to worry. All our shipments are discreet.

No one can feel what is in the package.

We also do not send any advertising to your home.

All orders are sent with DHL in a discreet package.


We will ship your order to you as soon as we have sex toys in stock.

If you don't want to wait, you can of course order something else.

You can exchange the item for another item or choose to get your money back.

We only ship the sex products that are in stock.

In some cases, we decide at our sole discretion on a case-by-case basis whether we can replace the item with an equivalent or more expensive sex product from the same category.


A possible refund is made to your bank account / credit card, personal account or bank giro account. 

When we approve your refund request, and you should expect to see the amount appear in your bank account in the next 7 couple of business days. 

All repayments are made once per month.


We can of course remove your order from our register if you change your mind. We must have an email from you requesting the removal of the order before we have time to send it.


It happens that packages that we send are returned.

The reason is usually either missed avin or errors in the address.

When it comes back, we'll resend it or refund your money.

When returning, you are responsible for all post office fees in connection with sending & returning your order including shipping costs and a handling fee.


If you have not received an order confirmation, it may be that your order has not been registered in our database.

It usually happens if you missed pressing the confirm order button.

If the order has not been registered, repeat it.

We reserve the right for possible printing errors on this website, as well as final sales of products.

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