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Dildos & Dongs

There is something for everyone in our range of dildos and dongs. A dong is a dildo without a vibrator and with or without a suction cup. The dong usually has a realistic design and resembles a male sexual organ. Dildos are versatile sex toys for both vaginal and anal stimulation and they will give you a completely different type of sexual stimulation than with fingers. If you love vaginal penetration, a dildo will be a great addition to your sex! The dildo can be used both alone and with a sexual partner, whether during foreplay or sex. There is a sea of different dildos, and which one to choose depends on many factors. The most important thing to consider is the thickness of the dildo. If you buy a dildo that is too long, you do not need to insert the entire length inside. On the other hand, if you buy a dildo that is too thick, you won't be able to use it at all. For those of you looking for a little more hands-free vaginal experience, we suggest taking a look at suction cup dildos. With a suction cup dildo, you can leave your hands free to do other fun things like touching your sexual partner or yourself. Suction cup dildos can be easily attached to shiny surfaces for incredible sexual pleasure and imaginative sex play. Why not give yourself a nice moment in the shower? You need to attach the dildo to the shower wall or the edge of the tub and you are ready to go! Most types of suction cup dildos can be attached to both the floor and furniture. Dildos are made from a variety of materials, from standard rubber to leather-like materials. The softest and most flexible dildos are rubber dildos, there are silicone dildos that are porous with a soft and elastic surface. Hard materials like glass or metal are recommended if you want more precise stimulation like G-spots. They are also perfect for temperature sexual play. Most of the Dildos are available at

Dildos and Dongs

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