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Sex Humiliation Sex Humiliation

To be honest, I really love dirty fantasies where several guys fuck me, or when I obey the owner, but I never thought that this could ever happen to me in reality. I really like night walks in the park without panties, with a vibrator in my pussy or with an anal plug. And one such evening, I went for a walk with a butt plug in my ass. I was wearing tight athletic leggings and a sports jacket, under which was my naked body - yes, this is my fetish, I love that. It was 23:35 on the clock, usually at such a time there is no one in the park, but a suspicious person was walking behind me, it was clear from the physique that it was a guy, I thought that this was an athlete or a person who decided to take a walk. For about 15 minutes, he followed me, which alerted me very much and I decided to head into the bushes and see if he was following me or just the route coincided. A few meters later, I was about to turn the corner, when suddenly they closed my mouth and pricked something in my hand, and all I remember is how they picked me up and the darkness ... I woke up in a dark room and I was in pain head and pussy, I tried to scream, but I had a gag in my mouth and after that I realized that I was tied. I tried to escape, but it was useless, my attention shifted to the pussy, there was a feeling that some kind of liquid was flowing from it, until the last I hoped that it was not sperm. My heart was pounding, the whole situation excited and frightened me when suddenly the light turned on. The room was in red colors, there were different sex toys on the walls, words cannot express what I felt then. Then a sexy young man in a shirt and trousers came into the room, he spoke on the phone: You can come, she has already woken up. He came up to me, gently stroked my back with his fingertips, touched my buttocks, and then hit them ... my moan was heard through the gag. Yes, you are a dirty whore, I guessed with a girl. He said this and gently stroking my ass, stopped near the anus and began to play with me, fucking me with a plug, which I had already forgotten about. You are developing your ass, you can see you were preparing? My clit and nipples were thirsty, and my mouth was making moans that turned into moos from the gag. Anders (that was the name of the guy) took out the cork from my ass and touched the clitoris, almost touching, played with it, entered my perfectly shaved pussy a couple of times, which flowed from excitement and sperm. Considering the cork, he came closer and said: I'm sorry, whore, when you were sleeping, you couldn't resist and fucked you. But your vagina didn't mind, when I came in, it was so hot and tight. He removed the gag and forced the butt plug to come out. Yeah, lick your secretions, you little slut. I greedily licked everything to the last drop and my eyes caught his penis, which was torn out. My lord, fuck me in the mouth like the last rubbish, I beg you. At that moment, I wanted nothing but hard fucking. He stroked my head and took out his huge cock, then I realized why my pussy hurt so much, it really was a huge size. He took my hair and started to fuck my mouth. He entered halfway, drooling flowed out, there was not enough air and the pussy got wet. Anders took out his penis and started to beat me in the face with it. I greedily tried to breathe in the air and moaned through the tears. Please fuck my pussy, fuck me, don't stop, I beg you, I screamed. Dirty rubbish wants to be fucked in all the cracks, be patient, my friends will come soon, who also want to see and try you, and now show how you work with your mouth. I licked my eggs and with the tip of my tongue walked along the length of his penis, stopping at the head, kissed and took it in my mouth, at first only the head, then half. But Anders could not stand it, took me by the hair and entered completely, then stuck it out, and I did not have time to catch my breath as he again entered up to the very balls and so several times. Two more guys, Tom and Peter, entered the room. Tom was a little taller for Anders and not as athletic, about 28 years old, and Peter was much older, about 35 years old. They were already ready, their members were tense. My pussy was noticeably flowing, they laughed, but Anders did not waste time and came up, hit me with a strong slap on the ass and, holding my hips, slowly entered the ass. Then he entered me completely and began to fuck me hard, moaning and slapping my buttocks. The room filled with my long groans. After, I gestured to Peter that my mouth was free. I was fucked like the last dirty whore. The room filled with the groans of men, the sounds and smell of sperm. They fucked me for a long time in all holes. Peter finished in my mouth and ordered to swallow everything to the last drop and lick his cock, I did just that. Tom said it was his time to test my mouth. All this time Anders was watching and masturbating, when everyone finished, Anders came up to my pussy and only one touch of the clitoris was enough for me to finish with a jet orgasm. The men laughed that I came from just one touch, but I was not up to it. As soon as the convulsions stopped, Anders licked my pussy while stroking the clitoris, and a minute later I again finished with a jet orgasm, after which he entered my pussy hard with his fingers and fucked hard like rubbish. He took me by the nipples, pulled my chest down, we moaned loudly and finished together. I passed out, I don’t know what was happening in that room, but in the morning I woke up in another luxury apartment. I lay naked on the bed with a vibrator in my pussy and a plug in my ass. There was breakfast on the bedside table with a note, I'll be there soon, but you and your holes should be ready. It may be stupid, but it didn’t even occur to me to run away, because all my fantasies became reality! 

Sex Humiliation written by a customer Sophia R

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