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My beloved wife and I have been living for seven years. She is a beauty! Long legs, beautiful breasts, clean-shaven pussy and ass. After so many years together, I began to cheat on her with other girls. I don't know how she knew about it. Came home, Diana met me and asked: Do you love me? Of course, I replied. Why are you cheating on me? I shuddered and got scared. Don't lie, and told me about my girlfriend. Says confess, I will not swear, just fulfill all my desires. Whatever I want, you will do. I confessed, there was no scandal, only he smiles strangely and says, these are my conditions. Either we get divorced or I will sleep with men, at my discretion and taste. I thought, well, what to do, and agreed. She smiled and said that I would be present and watch. I agreed. The next day I came home from work, my wife came later, but not alone - with a man. Everything is like in a fairy tale, I sent him to the bath and washed myself. In dressing gowns we went to our bedroom. He has my coat on. Get undressed. Wife says warm me up, for my lover. Get on your knees and lick my pussy. I got on my knees, I enjoy licking, and the man sits rubbing his penis, then she pushed me away and invited him. She ordered me to insert his penis into it myself, and did so. He fucked her, but strangely, I got very excited, just touched the dick a little and immediately finished. The wife noticed, smiles and asks: Do you like it? I didn't answer anything. Like it or not? Yes, I said. Well, that's good, we'll do it again tomorrow. I was ordered to wash her vagina, which I did. Tomorrow everything was the same as before, but I was forbidden to touch the penis and I have to watch very closely how the man fucks her. He entered her, fucks, I sat close and looked. I got aroused again, I see his penis a few centimeters from me. Could not resist and licked her pussy, then another and another. I didn’t notice how I got carried away and lick not only her pussy, but also the man’s cock. He and she finished. I was ordered to clean her pussy with my tongue, which I gladly did. Then I was ordered to lick his penis. It was unpleasant, but I licked his penis and put it in my mouth. I don't know what happened to me, but I started sucking his penis and he got up again. The man fucked me in the mouth until he finished. I tried to swallow everything, it worked. Wife says: Now you are ready! For what? They sat on the sofa, I stand. Listen to me carefully! I'm listening to. You're not listening carefully, come closer and kneel before us. I hesitated. You weren't shy about sucking a dick, but you're too shy to get on your knees. Came and stood up. From now on, Vatslav will live with us. You will be our slave. I am your Mistress and he is your Master. If you don't agree, then everyone at your job will know that you sucked dick. I realized what a trap I had fallen into and silently nodded. I kissed her feet and his feet. From that day on, my life has changed. I became a housewife - laundry, cleaning, cooking. Everything is on me. My ass was thoroughly fucked up. I take it in my mouth by order and without disgust. I started to like it. This is my Master and I must please him. The heels and priests of my Lords are shining, my tongue has worked. I'm not allowed to have sex, but I can masturbate on command. Today, they drank wine and peed into my mouth. It excites me. I get up in the morning, prepare breakfast and coffee, and serve them in bed. Their morning toilet is the longest and naturally the most enjoyable. I love the taste of their urine and the smell of their ass. Now I'm a humiliated bi-cuckold. 

There will be time to write about my life in more detail

I am bi cuckold story written by a customer Lucas E

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