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How I spent this summer. This story happened to me this summer. My name is Amelia. I am 26 years old, slim, height 165 cm, long black hair, gray eyes and large firm breasts. I have always been popular with men of all ages, and I have always liked it. This summer I decided to go to Europe, enjoy the beautiful views of Turkey. I booked a hotel with a large double bed on the seashore and flew away in the agonizing expectation of a beach vacation. When I got off the plane, a wave of warm air washed over me. How tired I am for this crazy year! At the exit from the airport, taxi drivers immediately surrounded me, offering to take me to the hotel and at the same time rent a room from them. Beauty, one of them shouted, and I agreed to go with him. Having settled in the back seat, I gave the address and off we went. The taxi driver's name was Mehmet, and he looked at me and complimented my eyes and chest, protruding from under the tight T-shirt. He spoke with a slight accent. And what is your name, beauty, he asked. Amelia, I replied with a smile, pressing my bust with my elbows, pleasing his lustful look. He answered very pleasantly. We talked a little more nicely and, finally, we arrived at the hotel. Amelia, the trip costs just $200, he smiled. But, if you let me touch your beautiful breasts, then only 150! A little confused by such impudence, I felt my pussy flow. During the time of covid isolation, I was very hungry for male attention, but taking myself in hand, I counted the full cost. Yes, Türkiye met me very warmly. Mehmet took the money and, cheerfully saying goodbye, left. After checking into the hotel, I went to swim and sunbathe on the beach, wearing my favorite swimsuit, covering only my nipples and pussy. On the beach, men with and without wives looked at me with greedy eyes. After splashing, I lay down to sunbathe. After some time, a muscular, tanned man of 55 years of Caucasian appearance lay down next to me. He was wearing beach shorts and sunglasses. Hey, why are you resting so beautiful alone? Deciding to give him a chance, I answered: Do you want to keep a company? Such a gorgeous girl, of course! My name is Ahmet. Unlike Mehmet, he spoke without an accent. Amelia, turning on her side to face him, I answered, and then a sex fantasy came into my head - how I give myself to him in my room. My pussy wanted a dick! We chatted nicely, Ahmet flirted with me and gradually began to take my hand and hug me. I reciprocated by adjusting my bathing suit, throwing back my hair, allowing me to see myself completely. Ahmet treated me to a couple of cocktails at the beach bar. Alcohol hit me in the head, and I finally decided on sex. Do you want to come to me? I'll change and we can go somewhere, I suggested. Of course, Amelia, I will take you to a restaurant, you will be satisfied! Arriving at the hotel, I went to shower. My pussy was literally shaking with excitement. After a quick rinse, I wrapped myself in a towel and cautiously looked out of the bathroom. Ahmet lay on the bed and touched his cock. Noticing that I had left, he beckoned me with the same hand. I carefully approached the bed and, apparently realizing that I could be broken, he changed. On all fours, bitch, he commanded, and throw off this towel. I obeyed. Standing on all fours, my chest swayed, and I waited for further instructions. On the bed and take off my shorts. Like an obedient bitch, I climbed onto the bed and pulled off his shorts, under which I saw a fat cock with big balls. My pussy was dripping juices in anticipation and I started to lick his balls. Ahmet groaned in pleasure. Yes, whore, you know how to obey! I took his penis in my hand and began to play with his tongue, from which his head began to pulsate and swell. Obedient mongrel, he hit me on the cheek. Do you like my dick? I nodded in the affirmative, looking into his eyes. I love fucking whores like you! He gathered my hair into a fist and began at first slowly, and then faster and faster to fuck my mouth. You come here for real men - yes, bitch? I moaned, now I just wanted to be fucked by this strong Turk. He took the cock out of my mouth and said: Ask me to fuck your cunt. Please, I groaned, fuck your bitch. More. Humiliate yourself, whore, you like it. I'm your litter, I already prayed that he would fuck me, please, I want your dick. He turned me around, pressing my head against the bed and roughly entered my wet pussy. Yes, I moaned. His penis entered me by the very balls, he called me a whore. My whole body trembled in a strong orgasm. He took out his cock and watched me shake. He stood up and ordered to lick his ass. I was submissive, touched my nipples and worked off the pleasure I received. Open your mouth, he was getting ready to cum. I opened my mouth and thick hot sperm hit my face, mouth and dripped onto my chest. His cock was pouring cum on me. When he finished, I collected the rest of his sperm with my fingers into my mouth and licked the head of the penis. Good girl, now let's go to my friend's restaurant. So, for two weeks, I became a free whore for the Turkish mens. 

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How I spent this summer written by a customer Amelia P

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