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Experience sexual thrills with electrostimulation! Electrify your sex life! Electrosex toys stimulate you with electricity. Electrosex is a sexual execution involving the application of electrical stimulation to the nerves of the body, with emphasis on the genitals, using a power source for sexual arousal stimulation. Electrostimulation give you a deeper, more intense arousal stimulation than other sex toys. When you have electrosex, you use electricity to stimulate your or your partner's body. Conducting electric current gives a sensational sexual experience! The electricity can cause you to reach orgasm without any other stimulation. Electrosex a fantastic sexual experience that will take your sex life to completely new dimensions. offer and sell Electrosex Devices, Electro Butt Plugs, Electro Clamps, Electro Cock Cage, Electro Dildos, Electro Loops, Electro Pinwheel, Electro Urethral Sound, Electro Vibrators and a variety of other exciting sex toys and accessories with electro function. Electrosex toys provide a completely different type of sexual experience than traditional sex toys. Whether you're looking for electrosex toys to use on your own or with your sexual partner, we have everything for electro orgasm. When the electro sex toy is used together with a lover, you share the experience and will experience erotic tingling every time you touch each other. In assortment there is a wide selection of electro accessories for both internal and external electrostimulation. We offer electro gadgets for both the beginner and the more experienced user. Most of the erotic electrostimulation available at


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