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Penis Pump

A penis pump works by sucking blood into the penis using a vacuum to create an erection. A penis pump is a vacuum arrangement that can help your penis get hard for penetrative sex. The penis pump can also be used during masturbation and extracting sperm for you and your girl dinner. A penis pump is a great sex toy, but also the perfect aid if you experience erection problems. Increase both your penis size and your confidence with a penis pump. Watch your penis get bigger and thicker as the vacuum in the pump increases until you achieve the result you want. With a pump, you get a blowjob-like suction, which leads to harder erections that last longer. The penispump creates a perfect seal against the skin and creates a powerful vacuum inside the chamber. As the air is pumped out of the cylinder, blood flow to the penis increases, the tissue expands and an erection is achieved. It helps you improve the size and quality of your erections while giving you a real boost of confidence. Rub some lubricant around your penis and on the bottom part of the cylinder, then slide the cylinder over the penis. Then you gradually put pressure on the penis by pumping either by hand or via a button, depending on whether you have a classic penis pump or an automatic one. When you achieve a full erection, stop pumping. Using a penis pump is not dangerous. All the Penis Pump we sell are designed with safety first, therefore all penis pumps have a built-in stop that prevents you from pumping too much. Follow the instructions on the package and remember to stop immediately and contact a doctor if you feel pain or discomfort. Most of the Penis Pump are available at

Penis Pump

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