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Air Stimulators

Air pressure vibrator your sexual pleasure - your orgasm choice! Air pressure vibrators are a revolutionary orgasm sex toy! Air vibrators are exactly what women want! Air pressure vibrator designed for fast, intense and multiple orgasms! The innovative air pressure technology delivers a unique touch-free masturbation effect that you have not experienced before. The air pressure vibrators allow you to choose the arousal level of intensity - which means that all women can enjoy these amazing sex toys, whether you prefer weak, medium or strong sexual stimulation. Air pressure vibrators provide classic vibrations in addition to the unique air pressure waves. So you don't have to choose between air pressure or vibration masturbation, you can get both at the same time! Air stimulator stimulates the clitoris through pressure waves and completely without touch. Air stimulator is a clitoris stimulator that is designed to take your orgasm pleasure to new dimensions with the help of both vibration and pulsating air pressure. Air stimulators used an innovative technology with air pressure to provide many choices and intense sexual stimulation. Air stimulators are very effective and are made of silky and body-friendly silicone. Try the Air stimulator which massages your clitoris using air pressure and vacuum, similar to cunnilingus. It is very effective but at the same time gentle and gives you pleasant orgasms, again and again by sucking on the clitoris inside the mouth of the vibrator. sells the latest version of Air stimulators with a unique vacuum technology that creates an air pressure and air waves against the clitoris. Many women experience multiple orgasms and the most intense orgasms they have ever experienced when using Air stimulators. Place the nozzle over your clitoris and hold it there. With the help of pressure waves, it sucks the clitoris in a sensationally pleasant way which causes blood flow to increase. Whether you like light or more intense oral sex stimulation, Air stimulators are guaranteed to satisfy you. The air pressure vibrators are available in different designs and the smaller versions are a perfect aid during sex if you want or need extra arousal stimulation of the clitoris. The air pressure technology that the vibrators use stimulates the clitoris in a completely new way. Air pressure vibrators send lovely air pressure waves through the clitoris, providing stimulation to the entire clitoris, even the parts you can't see. The air pressure waves create a more intense and profound arousal stimulation than traditional vibrators. Air pressure vibrators deliver an extended climax after a sensual orgasm that comes from deep within your sexy body. Women describe the arousal stimulation as a pulsating or vibrating sensation, while others compare it to oral sex. Air pressure vibrators have revolutionized the sex toy market and clearly show that air pressure technology is best for orgasm. Begin by parting the labia so that the clitoris is exposed. Place the air pressure vibrator around the clitoris and apply light pressure to create a tight seal. Then start the vibrator and you're good to go! Go through the different masturbation intensity levels and explore the different functions until you find the perfect sexual stimulation for you! Air stimulators are welcome to accompany you into the shower or the bathtub, the pressure waves feel incredibly intense and unique under the surface of the water. Feel free to use a water-based lubricant to increase the feeling even more. Most of the Air Stimulator are available at

Air Stimulators

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