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Guide to Sex Toys Online Store Sex Toys for Beginners

The sex toys guide and sexy tips by

There is a fantastic range of sex toys, sexual aids and enhancements available at in the sex shop for women and men most of the sex products mentioned in this introductory guide are available online at

This sex toys guide summarizes the purpose and uses of the most popular types of sex toys, focusing on what will make the biggest difference for most people. For each type of sex toy, we have identified which specific models appear to be the best made and best engineered of those currently available and for those looking to obtain a particular item.

Dildos / Dongs / Cocks:

Rubber dildos, dongs and massage sticks can be smooth or contain vibrators (a small motor that vibrates). Jelly dildos are soft and available in all possible colors. They are also cheap, but are not of the same quality as silicone dildos. Both are made of regular rubber and are used vaginally and anally. Use a condom to keep it clean. On the other hand, the silicone is a unique material that is produced by a vacuum process. It also features a new synthetic cyberskin material with the look and feel of a real penis. After use, wash the sex toy with warm water and mild soap. Silicone sex toys have many benefits and are definitely worth the extra cost.

Glass sex toys:

Hypoallergenic. Many people are allergic to latex and other forms of rubber. Warm (quickly responds to temperature, will retain your body heat, can be quickly warmed in hot water). Sterile, does not retain bacteria like rubber and soft vinyl. Cleans easily with soap and water. Can be boiled (four minutes kills all bacteria). Suitable for dual use in the anus and vagina or for sharing between sexual partners, if cleaned properly. Odorless, no smell of rubber and vinyl. Non-porous and won't flake or break like rubber and soft vinyl, can last a lifetime.

Sex toys for women:

To have orgasms with Vibrators

If you are a woman, or a female partner, a vibrator is most likely to make the biggest difference to your sex life. Many women have their first orgasm with a vibrator, and most women find it easier to orgasm with a vibrator than any other way. Also, most women cannot orgasm through intercourse (not through any lack of appreciation or love for their sexual partner, and not through any lack at all on their part, rather just the way the female body is constructed), so if you are a man with a female sexual partner and think it would be sexy and hot for her to orgasm during intercourse, a vibrator can be the best gift you can give.

Please note that in this section we are only talking about vibrators that are intended to stimulate the clitoris, ie used externally, rather than inserted into the vagina. Regardless of what image may pop into your head when you hear the word vibrator, the external type is by far the most effective for having orgasms, and the most recommended (not to mention that they can then also be used during intercourse with a sexual partner ).


If you're buying just one vibrator, we recommend getting one that uses an electrical outlet instead of batteries: they last longer (potentially decades), they never run out of power just when you're about to have an orgasm, and because they're made by traditional electronics companies and sold in regular stores, you don't even have to be embarrassed if someone else finds it.

For outlet-powered vibrators, the obvious choice is still the Hitachi rod: compared to other plug-in models, the Hitachi is easier to use during sex with a partner, it's easier to put on a condom in case someone else wants to use it, and the optional penetrating attachments that you can get for it are of higher quality.

Tip: Use it through panties, sheets, or a thin towel if the vibrations are a little too intense for your bare clitoris. If you want to go for multiple clitoral orgasms, then after the first back off on the pressure while the vibrator moves, avoid direct contact with your clitoris until your arousal level builds up again. Moving your hips while using your vibrator - maybe even squeezing and relaxing your muscles in time with your breathing - is something else that can enhance the whole experience. And finally, when it comes to using your vibrator during intercourse with a sexual partner, you will probably find that doggy style is the most comfortable position to use the vibrator in.

Battery powered vibrators:

Even if you already have an outlet-powered vibrator, you can pick up a separate battery-powered one: the smallest of them can be easily stored in a bag, and you use them more discreetly and spontaneously, and they be more practical for partner sex if you and your partner like to change position a lot, of course you can use them when you are not near a power outlet, and some of them can be used in or near water (which is nice if you have a hot tub, or if the bathroom is the only place in your house where you have privacy). Tip: Make sure you have spare batteries.

Improve your orgasms:

G-Spot Sex Toys and Dildos

Once you have become comfortable using a vibrator on your clitoris, there are two different directions that can be fun to explore: either with a G-spot sex toy to also deliver firm pressure to your G-spot, or else using a dildo so that you can enjoy a fuller and more satisfied feeling when using your vibrator. Before you start, remember that any sex toy you penetrate yourself with will feel better if you first apply some water-based lube to it: good lube is covered a little later in this guide.


There are vibrators to reach both the clitoris and the G-spot at the same time, the G-spot is about 2 cm inside the vagina on the upper wall. The right time is when the woman is very highly aroused or even better, after she has already had a clitoral orgasm. This is because you may or may not actually feel a difference in the touch of your finger against her vaginal tissues even if you press in the right place and also because many women actually find stimulation of the G-spot uncomfortable until they are sufficiently aroused. Not every woman finds pressure on this area of the vagina to be enjoyable, but the people who do like it usually because they really like it.

Basically, the G-spot is an area on the front wall of the vagina (towards your stomach) just outside the pubic bone, which especially when you're very aroused can feel a little different from the area around it. One way to find and stimulate the G-spot is with a partner, with his or her first two fingers inside you to push firmly upwards, perhaps caressing the area of the G-spot with a small gliding motion. The other way to find and stimulate the G-spot is with a rigidly curved sex toy.

If you don't already have any kind of vibrator but want something that can stimulate your G-spot as well as your clitoris, then the g-spot rabbit might be your best choice.

Even G-spot stimulation is not something that is fun for every woman, if it works for you then the point is to either deepen and intensify the orgasms you get from your vibrator by stimulating your G-spot as you approach and pass through your clitoris orgasm, or else to enjoy G-spot stimulation as a sensation and source of orgasm all on its own (maybe after first having a clitoral orgasm to warm up, or maybe not).

Tip: the first big tip about G-spot stimulation is that it will probably only be fun when you're excited, and the more excited you are, the more fun it can be. The other big tip about G-spot stimulation is that the pressure may need to be quite firm and focused to work for you.


Although G-spot sex toys are designed to intensely stimulate a specific part of the vagina, most dildos are designed to give you a more generally satisfying feeling of completion, and may feel good when gently inserted and removed. When you have a clitoral orgasm with your vibrator or your fingertips, it can give you something firm and satisfying to squeeze your vaginal muscles around, and if you like having sex with men, it can give you a feeling a little like intercourse with your partner, which can help you to fantasize. They are also available in a variety of shapes and textures, so you never have to be bored.

Your first choice in choosing a dildo is the material you want it to be made of, and these days it's a no-brainer: you want silicone. Silicone is hypoallergenic and non-porous (which means if you want you can either clean it with warm water and antibacterial soap or else completely sterilize it by boiling it for five minutes), it feels warm and retains body heat, it transmits vibrations beautifully , can be softer to almost completely rigid, and if taken care of (ie not exposed to anything sharp that could tear it, and not exposed to silicone lube) your sex toy can last a lifetime.

Your other choice is to choose a width and length, and of these, getting the width right is the more important (since you can only insert the dildo so far). One way to choose a width is to use a rule of thumb: if you know that two fingers inside you feels just right, then choose a dildo, but if three fingers feel better, choose something a little larger in diameter. If you want to be more sure, you can first buy some cheap dildos in different widths and then choose the width based on which feels most comfortable for you.

Your third choice is if you want your dildo to resemble a human penis (also note that the realistic models come in a variety of abstract textures and shapes, so in other words you don't have to miss out on any interesting types of friction just because your dildo does not have fake veins).

Your slytic choices are the form. Choose something with a slightly protruding top or knobby top. Do you want pressure against the front wall of the vagina? Choose something with a curve. But in general, it's probably easiest to just look at the shape and imagine how it would feel inside you and go from that.

Generally, we recommend medium sized dildos, close to the size of an average sized penis. Most penises are 15 cm in length when fully aroused. Huge sizes are usually not an advantage unless the woman has an unusually large vagina.

If you are worried about a latex allergy, choose hard plastic, silicone, rubber, metal or glass toys.

Do not submerge any battery powered or electronic sex toys in water. Always double check that they are waterproof.

There are double dongs (16-30 or more longer) with a head at each end. You can get them with moving balls. Some have suction cups they place them on a smooth surface, such as the floor, a table or the wall. There are dildos you can fill with hot water (they keep warm for about an hour) or put in the microwave to heat up for 20 seconds before using.

Lubricants for women and men:

For almost any type of penetration (whether with fingers, a penis or a dildo, and whether vaginal or anal), some form of lubricant is needed. Basically, a bottle of lube is a basic thing to have on hand if you're sexually active. Since oil-based lubricants are primarily best for use with latex condoms, silicone-based lubricants are only good for very specific situations, while a water-based lubricant is suitable for all situations.

Water-based Lubricants:

This is the most recommended type of lubricant

It works great with latex, won't harm any of your sex toys, and it feels natural and suitable for any type of sex that involves vaginal or anal penetration. Try water-based lube if you primarily use it for vaginal penetration, or for anal penetration. Water-based lubes are also glycerin-free, which means they're less likely to feel sticky.

Silicone-based Lubricants:

We hesitated to mention silicone lubes in this guide at all, because the majority of people shouldn't actually buy them: if you happen to use a silicone-based lube with one of your silicone toys, it will ruin that sex toy. Also, silicone-based lube doesn't feel natural.

But there are two specific situations where silicone-based lube can be good: when having sex underwater (because water dissolves water-based lube but not silicone-based lube), and for long and intense anal penetration.

Anal sex toys:

A good anal sex toy can be difficult to find: provided you have some water lubricant so that you put the sex toy comfortably, it can give stimulation to the nerves in the anus while entering, and then can intensify in a very interesting way the sensation of the entire pelvic region under sex. There are two main categories of anal sex toys: those meant to be left in during sex play, and those meant to go in and out during sex play.

Sex toys intended to be left inside

These are otherwise known as butt plugs. They have a special shape that helps them stay inside anal.

Sex toys intended to be gradually withdrawn during sex play

You may have heard of anal beads. A more durable option is a dildo with a series of balls shaped like beads, but without a string running through them that could weaken or break off. But either way, the point is the same: you put them in, and pull them out during intercourse or masturbation, maybe leaving some for the moment of orgasm itself. The effect of this type of sensation on your orgasm can be dramatic. Right now, the best anal sex toys created with this type of sex game.

For starters, although the bottom is generally cleaner than you might think, still makes you uncomfortable, there's nothing stopping you from using latex gloves for finger penetration, and condoms on any sex toys that will be introduced. There is also nothing stopping you from using the bathroom properly before sex, or taking a shower before sex.

For Blindfolded Sex:

Blindfolds are sexy for good reason: they're a fun way for the recipient to fully focus on what they're feeling. Despite what you may have seen in movies, just tying a handkerchief around someone's head usually doesn't work very well, so you'd probably want something more convenient and easier to use. This blindfold is a good choice.

BDSM and Sensation Play:

The range of sex games that fall under the heading of BDSM is large. Stated poetically rather than technically, it's a way of taking the freedom to struggle and exert yourself without hurting anyone, combine it with intense sensations that produce the same endorphin and adrenaline rush you can get from sports, and tie it all together with sex.

Just as an example, if your interest as a couple is one of you being able to prevent others from att move. Likewise, if your main interest is to create different types of possibly intense sensations for your sexual partner, examples of things to look at depending on your interests would be eg nipple clamps and paddles / floggers.


Candles are the most flattering form of lighting you're likely to find, and when used safely, are probably the easiest way to upgrade the environment in which you and your sexual partner have sex.

Safer Tools:

If you're worried about getting sick, or if you're worried about getting pregnant, it's important to read about the methods you can use for safe and protected sex so you can enjoy and have fun without worry. The following sections will focus solely on protected sex.

Latex condoms:

From a public health perspective, latex condoms for penile, vaginal, and anal penetration, in all cases where one partner may have a transmissible STD that the other does not, would make the biggest difference in preventing the spread of STDs.

A great latex condom has no taste that we can discern, they are as suitable for oral sex as they are for intercourse.

Tip: Condoms are most comfortable and effective when surrounded by moisture rather than dry - so either have a small bottle of water-based lube with your condoms, a few disposable packets of lube. Also, as an STD prevention measure, avoid the chemical nonoxynol as it is very irritating to the skin and can increase the risk of contracting STDs such as HIV if exposed. The vagina, for example, is much more sensitive to infections and to getting communicable diseases when the mucous membrane is irritated and cannot protect effectively. We don't have any condoms or lubricants that contain this substance, but if you're going to buy from a pharmacy or supermarket, you have to keep an eye out to avoid it.

Latex Ponds:

Dams are thin rectangles of latex intended for safer oral sex when going down on a woman (cunnilingus), or for safer and cleaner oral sex when licking someone's anus (analingus). For these purposes. An important tip: put some water lube on the receiver's side of the barrier so it feels like it's really being handed over to them.

Unfortunately, if you are used to performing cunnilingus without a barrier, but now feel you must use it for your own safety or that of your partner, then using a latex duster may feel out of place. If this is true for you, even with practice, understand that there is no shame in learning to use your hands instead: especially if you take the chance to passionately kiss someone, sex with hands rather than oral can feel very good.

Latex gloves:

Especially if some of the skin on the hands is damaged (or if there is any chance you will come into contact with blood) and your partner has some STD/HIV status, latex gloves may make sense for finger or hand penetration. It can also be important if you want to penetrate your partner's rear with your fingers, then you can just discard the gloves and get new ones.

Options for people with latex allergies

Although latex is usually the safest choice, some people may have a latex allergy, which is particularly common among healthcare professionals. Then alternative protection may be needed. If you or your sexual partner is allergic to latex, then having intercourse, the female condom may be an option. For anal intercourse, you can first pull out the inner ring, and then turn it out so that when it slides in, the outer ring is still outside the body.

For cunnilingus or analingus, if you or your sex partner is allergic to latex, but some form of barrier is still needed, your best bet is probably to use plastic wrap. For hands and fingers, nitrile gloves can be a suitable substitute for latex gloves.


Masturbator are a loose vagina that resembles a flashlight in shape, rung gloves are rubber gloves with different types of texture to improve stimulation.

We strongly recommend that people explore their own bodies with masturbation whether they have a sexual partner or not. This is one of the best ways to learn about your sexual arousal process and to learn how to work with your sexual energy.

Most women do not experience orgasm through intercourse alone, and unfortunately, many men have not yet learned to delay ejaculation enough to give their partner satisfaction during intercourse. We recommend helping your woman have a clitoral orgasm using oral or manual stimulation before there is any penetration with the penis. Cunnilingus is preferred over manual finger stimulation, as hands can be rough and may not have the softness required for extremely sensitive vaginal tissues. Tissues in the lips and tongue are of the same sensitivity as the tissues in the vagina.

It is very difficult to stimulate either the clitoris or the G-spot with vaginal penetration of the man's penis.

The clitoris can be stimulated. The woman is lying face down with her behind in the air. You can support her stomach with pillows, then bring in.

Vaginal Balls:

Knipballs, Ben-Wa or Geisha balls. Basically, it's about one or two heavy balls that you insert into the vagina. By contracting the pelvic floor, you then try to hold the balls and prevent them from sliding out. Vaginal balls help provide feedback on your muscle activity and are therefore a quick and easy way to get started with training. The balls help you find the right vagianl muscles, get faster results and provide effective training for both endurance and strength. There are several controlled and comparative studies that show that training with vaginal balls provides a better training effect compared to regular exercises without balls. All women can use IUDs, although very young women normally do not have major problems with the pelvic floor. But regardless of age, it's never wrong to start training. Women who have had children or have stress incontinence can benefit especially from the training. The vaginal balls are sex toys that are made up of two connected slightly larger balls with loose balls inside. These vaginal balls sit inside the vagina and when you move, the balls rub inside the walls, causing the muscles to be stimulated and the muscles to tighten automatically.

Vibrators / Stimulators / Massage Wands:

These come in an endless variety of shapes, sizes, colors and materials. Very popular are Vibrating Eggs or Kegel Balls that can be inserted into the vagina or anus.

Kegel Balls are the shape and size of a small egg. These are available with or without vibrators and are beautifully painted. They are popular now as vaginal exercise aids to help women gain strength and control over their vaginal muscles.

Women who have practiced Kegel exercises, i.e. repetitive contraction and relaxation of the genital muscles, including the vagina, sometimes turn to inserting these vaginal eggs into the vagina and strengthening their muscles by holding the eggs.

You can gain strength by placing weights on the eggs. Think of it as female vaginal strength training!

The Kegel are shaped like a ball and are usually 5 cm long. These can easily be carried in a bag or pocket. A variation is a small vibrator that fits on the end of the fingers. Some of these sex toys are a real combination of high touch.

Keep in mind that the bullet is controlled by controllers that offer twice as long battery life and better power control. The higher priced units offer the more precise and varied vibrations, e.g. an LED display shows 10 levels of precise power. These high quality controllers are compatible with many different vibrators.

Generally, vibrators are made in Japan and Germany and they are of significantly higher quality and price. There is a sex product called Kegel.

This is a progressive resistance of vaginal movement

Vaginal muscles respond by using just like any other muscle. Women who have advanced in this area can individually control all the muscles in the vagina. From the vagina to the cervix at the back, there are rings of muscles that a skilled woman can tighten and relax individually at will. 

Kegel Balls masts can also help women prevent or cure their incontinence. Urinary incontinence is associated with weak pubococcygeus muscles, and can often be corrected. There are also many vibrators specifically designed to stimulate the clitoris (as opposed to the vagina or anus) by vibrating and rotating. Almost all vibrators have dual multi-speed controls. A control rotates inside the vibrator shaft. The second motor vibrates the shoulder and clitoral stimulator. Some of these vibrators even have beads in the center of the shaft to get the feeling from the inside with multiple speed rotations.

Plug-in or battery:

Vibrators can be electric (plug into a wall outlet and can be rechargeable), can have a wireless remote control up to 50 meters away, or they can be powered by batteries.

Electric vibrators provide a better quality alternative to battery powered vibrators, with stronger vibrations, guarantees, will last for several years, but are much more expensive.

Battery powered vibrators tend to be more versatile, more portable, offer smoother vibrations, and are much less expensive.

Hard plastic battery vibrators tend to be louder than soft rubber vibrators. Most people find that the hard plastic vibrators are better for external stimulation and the soft vibrators for internal stimulation, as the hard plastic transmits stronger vibrations than the soft rubber.

Many vibrators are manufactured in small sizes. Some vibrators can be worn discreetly under the woman's clothing, or carried in a pocket. Some are waterproof and can be used in the bathtub. There is one that plugs into the cigarette lighter socket in your car. There are also battery operated vibrating panties for women and a vibrating thong for men!

Consider this description: Butterfly was developed exclusively for women.

This unique pleasure device can be worn anywhere, which gives maximal freedom to use, even in public, yet allowing ultimate privacy.

It is specially designed to stimulate the most sensitive parts of the female anatomy. Adjustable straps fit comfortably around the waist and legs and the device is delivered ready to use.

The butterfly massage turns an ordinary day into an exciting erotic adventure. The mulit-speed vibrations are powerful. These are absolutely gorgeous to look at!

A popular variant of the clitoral vaginal vibrator. Japanese high-tech quality and integrated with chip controller. If you get a light touch, you feel strong erotic sensations and intense orgasms.

Women can learn to experience many different types of female orgasm from both external (clitoral) stimulation and internal (g-spot) and other.

Vaginal stimulations:

Every woman has her own unique type of orgasm. Get to know your woman. Take your time to relax, tease and please her with a variety of sex toys, your tongue, your fingers, your penis.

Using vibrators clitorally is a particularly good way to help a woman become sexually satisfied.

Erection Assistance:

There are certainly those among us who have difficulty getting and keeping erections. Various aids are available to help you.

Penis Extensions. There are a variety of rubber, cyberskin, and wireless remote controls.

Penis extender you can slide on top of the penis to extend your length and offer deeper vaginal penetration. Put this on the end of your penis, then roll down over your penis like putting on a condom. An interesting variety of penis extensions are colorful, sexy and fun for all lovers.

Strap-On for Men and Women:

To have Harness sex with a partner

A harness is something you wear around your waist to hold a dildo, which you can then use to penetrate your sexual partner either vaginally or anally.

But like anything in life, if you're not sure if you want it or not, it's probably better to try it at least once, so you and your sexual partner can have more time to enjoy it if you think it's is something you both like.

Tip: When using a harness, imagine that the dildo is actually part of your body.

If you have problems with your dildo slipping out of your sexual partner choose a dildo with a slightly curved head, said the increased resistance will warn you before it falls out.

There are a variety of harnesses, such as the Vac-U-Lock Harness system with the Ultra Harness for men and women. These harnesses can hold a wide range of accessories. For men, there are mounts for an erect or non-erect penis.

There is also a soft latex vibrating prosthetic penis extension for a short penis.

For women, realistic cocks are harness-compatible. The harness in leather is more expensive, rubber and nylon cheaper.

Instructions for Strap-On Harness

Secure the strap on your harness, the harness features an adjustable waist, an open crotch for maximum comfort, and non-slip action, all designed to give you command and control for your erotic pleasures.

Vac-U-Lock plugs are attached with Velcro or snaps. The opening under the plug is large enough to allow the man's penis to hang.

Anal Sex:

Anal beads come in small, medium and large sizes. The anal beads are strung together with a draw at one end. There are usually 4-10 beads on a string. These beads can be used by both men and women and are withdrawn at exactly the right moment of orgasm. This has the delightful effect of noticeably prolonging orgasm and intensity. Be very careful when pulling out the beads to avoid discomfort. Use lots of lube. It might take some getting used to, but it's definitely worth exploring. Combine this with tying the man's hands (a common male fantasy), and it will be an experience for him. 

Anal beads are quite cheap! There is a wide variety of anal butt plugs. The variations in butt plugs are the same as for dildos: with or without vibrators, rubber or silicone material (silicone is most recommended for butt plugs because they can be boiled for sterilization), all possible colors, sizes and prices. An interesting variation is the inflatable dildo. This is especially desirable if you are just starting to explore anal play. 

With butt plugs, hygiene is important. We recommend harder silicone plugs that can be boiled (four minutes kills everything). Some of these can both vibrate and spin. Anal Remote an excellent anal massager. Anal vibrators with several speeds and several attachments are available at 

Without a sexual partner - solo sex for men:

If you find yourself without a sexual partner, there are many sex toys that you can use for self-pleasure in addition to vibrators and dildos.

There is everything from realistic vaginas, masturbators and love dolls and simulators that suck, caress and vibrate men to ejaculation.

There are sucking machines that are linked to sexy videos. What happens in the video happens with you! The vacuum cleaner works so that you stand er machine on your penis, you choose your virtual sex partner. Sit back, look and feel it!

Sex Toys for Couples:

Couple sex kits are created to keep both sexual partners interested in improving their sexual relationship. The Couples Sex Kit contains some common sex toys that couples can use together for a long romantic evening.

Hand Finger Vibrators:

We can't forget foreplay! Hand and finger vibrators are a way to significantly improve your alone time with each other. People find these types of toys useful for all kinds of sexual experimentation, especially men who want to please their sexual partner to the maximum extent possible. Using both hands constructively, for immediate stimulation of the clitoris or nipples, is very worth it to achieve an explosive climax.

As sexual partners caress each other, vibrations can delicately deliver pulsations to the nipples, back muscles, inner thighs, and clitoris.

You can also choose Finger Vibrator for single and double vagianal stimulation. Finger Vibrator is great for foreplay and during intercourse to electrify your most sensitive spots.

Pearl vibrators / Bonnie/ Rabbit:

Dual stimulation sex toys combine the best of both worlds. These sex toys generally cost more than your average clitoral vibrator, dildo, or vibrating dildo, but the extra cost is worth it for the increased pleasure. Dual action sex toys can have vibrating clitoral ticklers, energetic vibrating shafts that can rotate and rotating beads. These will teach you a lot about pace and intensity, stimulation and depth of penetration, and the benefits of direct and indirect contact.

Additionally, most sex toys have controls that can disable unwanted features, while enabling what you want to be stimulated by. In this way, the sex toy can grow with you, so that you develop in your unique way.

Clitoral Vibrators:

Clitoral vibrators come in a variety of shapes, sizes and powers. The clitoris looks like a small pink ball at the top of the vagina. Since the clitoris is located externally, it is likely that more women will be familiar with it than the g-spot.

Many women enjoy sensual stimulation of the clitoris, and it is often the easiest way to achieve a true clitoral orgasm.

Sex Toys for Men:

A realistic Masturbator may not necessarily look realistic (although it will probably have realistic elements, such as labia and clitoris), but it will feel realistic.. There are several different brands of these materials, PVC and silicone, Cyberskin, UR and Loveclone for example, but unless you're a collector of Masturbators, there's not much to differentiate between all these materials. They all feel more or less equally realistic.

Sex toys e.g. The vagina has an inner channel that is specially designed to massage your penis, in exactly the same way that a vagina does. Thanks to good stretching properties, sex toys offer the perfect balance between tightness and freedom of movement. After a small application of water lubricant, these Masturbators glide easily and pleasurably over the skin.

Penis Enlargement / Penis Pumps:

For those of you who are worried that your penis is too short, you may be thinking about penis enlargement. Penis Pumps can extend the length while using. Some men find Penis Pumps to be effective tools for increasing size, while others find Penis Pumps  to have some lasting effect.

When the first pump of the vacuum pump cylinder is placed around your penis, blood rushes into the muscle part of your penis. The muscle tissue expands to its maximum, breaks down, and then builds up into bigger and stronger muscles, similar to strength training.

The size of a man's penis can have such a profound effect on his self-esteem, and psychologically affect his sexual performance so strongly that it's easy to see why these Penis Pumps are quite popular.

Penis rings / Potency rings / Cock Rings:

If you ejaculate earlier than you want, try rings

Some of these are cheap. For just a little more you can get variations that fit around the penis and also stimulate the woman's clitoris and anus. Some are equipped with vibrators, others with spreaders. Cock rings come in leather, metal and plastic. They are adjustable to fit around the penis and scrotum. Put them on before you start having sex and when you are aroused, the flow will be restricted from leaving, helping to maintain an erection. 

Another variant is a strip of velcro. This allows you to enjoy your arousal and control ejaculation until you are ready. You wrap the Velcro support strip around the entire scrotum above the testicles, before arousal. Place the black velcro on white velcro to form a loop, with the narrowest part of the band across the entire back of the scrotum. This Velcro prevents the testicles from rising and this delays ejaculation. To allow for ejaculation, pull off to allow the testicles to rise and thereby releasing semen.

A penis ring is perfect for men with erection problems. The entire penis remains longer and harder so you can enjoy even more sex. A penis ring can also be used as an erotic jewel to decorate the penis.

Prostate Health:

The healthy normal prostate is about the size of a chestnut and weighs about 20 grams. With the onset of BPH, for reasons we do not know, the prostate may begin to enlarge and may grow to the size of a lemon or an orange!

Prostate enlargement can cause problems

The most notable symptoms are difficulties with urination, even that it is difficult to start urinating, and flow that is blocked. You may also feel that you need to go to the bathroom more often, often a lot at night and even during the day.

Actually, BPH is a condition that will affect almost all men who live long enough, and it has little to do with sexual activity. This condition is usually nothing to worry about until you are at least 40.

If you're a younger man and experiencing prostate discomfort, you may be wondering if you already have BPH. It is not likely. Much more likely is due to frequent delayed ejaculation or you may have some kind of infection.

It is true that when sexual energy builds up in the prostate and if the man has not learned to move that energy out of the prostate by spreading it through the rest of his body, that pressure can cause the prostate to suffer. If you feel such discomfort, ejaculate and release the pressure. If the discomfort persists after ejaculation, check with your doctor to check for other possible problems such as infection.

To comfortably practice prolonged standing without ejaculation, a man needs to learn to move his sexual energy out of his prostate. You can use Kegel exercises to help you do this. You can also do prostate massage.

It turns out that the same vibrator you use to reach a woman's G-spot can also be inserted into a man's anus because they are perfectly shaped to reach his prostate. It is interesting to note that the man's prostate and the woman's G-spot are often said to be similar in feel and how you experience being touched there.

If you do not prefer anal prostate massage, try regularly massaging the prostate through the skin in the perineum. The middle yard is the anus and scrotum. Pressing this spot will enable you or your sex partner to stimulate the prostate and will encourage your sexual energy. This will enable you to last much longer in intercourse without ejaculation and prevents the prostate from hurting.

If you already have problems with your prostate, such as BPH or maybe even prostate cancer, or if you want to avoid such problems, we have reviewed a excellent book with information on prostate care - Prostate Diseases.


Masturbator will increase your sexual pleasure to whole new levels.

Masturbators are intended to give the user as much pleasure as possible.

One of the most unusual motifs is Spanker. The Spanker is a bit like a ping-pong paddle (but with a narrower head), except where normally there would be a flat surface, it's a silicone disc with a hole in it. Just apply some lube to the Spanker and to yourself, and drive your erection all the way through the central disc.

It will stretch around your penis and you can use it to go up and down.

With a powerful bullet vibrator in the handle, it will help you reach mindblowing orgasms.

Love Dolls / Sex Dolls:

There are plenty of Love Dolls. These sex toys look more sophisticated than you might think. Some of the most expensive sex dolls are frighteningly realistic both in appearance and touch!

Love dolls are perfect for men who, for example, have not had a sexual partner for a long time. That's why the vast majority come in life size and look human, but there are some special Sex Doll designs for those with more exotic tastes. Unlike male masturbators or dildos, you can hold a real sex doll and even dress it up in sexy costumes or lingerie. It is also much easier to create a sexual fantasy and let the imagination flow when using a sex doll than a hand-held Stroker or penis-shaped piece of rubber. These sex toys are usually vinyl and look worse.

Sex dolls intended to be used as sex toys are slightly more expensive. The female dolls have typical openings in their mouth, vagina and anus that can be used for penetration. The male love dolls have oral and anal openings and a rigid penis. In the higher price ranges, the love dolls have openings with soft gel consistency, TPE, or TPR for increased comfort and come with egg vibrators for increased stimulation. Check that your sex doll comes with a repair kit as it is inevitable that a scratch or leak will develop no matter how well you take care of the love doll.

The most expensive and high-quality sex dolls have fixed parts made of rubber or silicone, for example. The most realistic sex dolls, coming completely in silicone from head to toe. Sex dolls with more solid material around the head and the openings are much more affordable. These are the areas that wear out the most from use and are the most likely to develop a scratch. Using firmer material in these areas will make your love doll last extra long and make them more realistic.


Electrosex isn't just about pain. With low settings, the experience is completely changed, tingly and ticklish. The electrical charge stimulates the sensitive nerves, causing the skin to tighten slightly. Imagine how it feels to be teased and tickled along the sides. Now imagine a gentle pleasant vibration that accompanies the tickling sensation. Far from painful!

On moderate settings, tickling and tingling increases, similar to the sensation of a powerful vibrator. Your nerves become more excited and the stimulation feels firmer. These settings are often used for insertable sex toys and many who have tried them say that the experience is very similar to using a vibrating toy but in a more intense mode.

At higher settings, you feel more tingling and stinging. The stimulation becomes firmer and more powerful.

It is good to always start slowly with a low setting and slowly increase the intensity so that you familiarize yourself with which setting feels best for you.

Virtual Reality Sex Toys:

Want to get yourself a VR sex toys and now the latest sex revolution is here!

There are so many VR sex toys on the market these days. From Bluetooth sex toys to cockstrokers with virtual reality headsets, there's something for everyone's needs and budget. In general, VR sex toys for men refer to automatic masturbation machines and video headsets to simulate a sexual experience and orgasms.

If you want to make a virtual reality sex toy, the easiest way is this:

Buy an inexpensive VR headset that uses your smartphone as a video display. They're not really VR glasses, but you can use these devices to watch POV without holding your phone. Then take a masturbator  and place it between your mattress and your bed and enjoy ...

How to use VR sex toys

Connecting your VR sex toys to your virtual reality sex is easy:

✔️ Download the app from Appstore and install it on your mobile.

✔️ Make sure your sex toys has Bluetooth turned on.

✔️ Select Connect a device on the app and select your sex toys from the list.

✔️ Once your mobile is connected, visit one of the VR sex sites.

✔️ Watch your favorite sex movie and the sex toy will automatically sync with what's happening on the screen.

✔️ Have fun, be safe and don't lose your grip on reality!

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