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Sex Toys

Sex Toys will improve your sexual satisfaction and help with your intimacy. You should make sex toys a part of your sexual wellness! Buy Sex Toys for a more enjoyable sex life! More enjoyable alone time with sex toys! There is a fantastic range of sex toys, sexual aids and enhancements available at in the sex shop for women and men. Some of us take it as something completely natural to use exciting sex toys to add something new to our sex life. Others go and think about what they should do and what possibilities there are to make their sex life more interesting, fun and exciting. The answer, of course, is sex toys! There are a whole host of sex toys that can take your sex life to whole new levels. Who knows, maybe this will lead to you suddenly experiencing something you've never felt before, something new that gives you such an amazing feeling and sexual pleasure combined with excitement and curiosity that you will continue to make sexy toys a natural part of your life. There are sex toys here for both women and men - take a look at our range and find something that you think looks exciting and that might suit you and your needs! Sex should be pleasant, and today there are a whole host of sex toys that are specially designed to give you exactly the sexual stimulation you want and need. There are sex toys that you can use together with your sexual partner to make sex extra comfortable and challenging. For many, it can feel embarrassing to suggest the use of sex toys with a sex partner. There is still a taboo and a fear that your sexual partner will feel inadequate if you suggest introducing sex toys into your sex life together. But with good communication, an open mind and a large selection of lovely products, you are guaranteed to be able to take your enjoyment to the next level. Most of the sex products and sex toys are available at  

Sex Toys


  • Anal Orgasm

    Anal sex is very useful - after it, you can poop standing up and even while running. Anal sex can open doors to whole new kinds of anal pleasure for both men and women of any orientation. Anal toys help increase anal pleasure and can be used during masturbation, sexual foreplay and during sex. Anal stimulation can produce a wonderful penetrating orgasm. Anal orgasm results from sexual penetration in the dirty ass. Sexual penetration means analingus, or anal masturbation. Anal masturbation is the pleasuring by sexual stimulating the nerve endings in and around your dirty anus and rectum. Whether you want to have some anal sex or just take care of some extra anal stimulation, anal toys a good start for you! Anal toys help make orgasms easier, faster, and stronger. Anal toys are designed to stay inside the anus during sex for extra sensation, while some are best for anal penetration. Anal is full of sensitive nerve endings that can give pleasure.  If you are a beginner and want to test anal stimulation, it is recommended to start with a small and narrow butt plug. Anal Sex should always be enjoyable. Try experimenting and finding new ways to get the pleasure you deserve from anal sex. Anal sex is better with lube. The best way to achieve really pleasurable anal sex and at the same time avoid discomfort or friction damage is to use plenty of lube both before and during intercourse. This applies whether you are with a sexual partner or enjoying a pleasant moment for yourself. Most of the Anal Toys are available at

  • Dildos & Dongs

    There is something for everyone in our range of dildos and dongs. A dong is a dildo without a vibrator and with or without a suction cup. The dong usually has a realistic design and resembles a male sexual organ. Dildos are versatile sex toys for both vaginal and anal stimulation and they will give you a completely different type of sexual stimulation than with fingers. If you love vaginal penetration, a dildo will be a great addition to your sex! The dildo can be used both alone and with a sexual partner, whether during foreplay or sex. There is a sea of different dildos, and which one to choose depends on many factors. The most important thing to consider is the thickness of the dildo. If you buy a dildo that is too long, you do not need to insert the entire length inside. On the other hand, if you buy a dildo that is too thick, you won't be able to use it at all. For those of you looking for a little more hands-free vaginal experience, we suggest taking a look at suction cup dildos. With a suction cup dildo, you can leave your hands free to do other fun things like touching your sexual partner or yourself. Suction cup dildos can be easily attached to shiny surfaces for incredible sexual pleasure and imaginative sex play. Why not give yourself a nice moment in the shower? You need to attach the dildo to the shower wall or the edge of the tub and you are ready to go! Most types of suction cup dildos can be attached to both the floor and furniture. Dildos are made from a variety of materials, from standard rubber to leather-like materials. The softest and most flexible dildos are rubber dildos, there are silicone dildos that are porous with a soft and elastic surface. Hard materials like glass or metal are recommended if you want more precise stimulation like G-spots. They are also perfect for temperature sexual play. Most of the Dildos are available at

  • Vaginal Orgasm

    Vaginal stimulation can produce a wonderful penetrating vaginal orgasm and clitoral orgasm. Vaginal orgasm results from sexual penetration in the wet pussy. Sexual penetration means clitoral stimulation or vaginal masturbation. Vaginal masturbation is the pleasuring by sexual stimulating the nerve endings in and around your horny vagina. Vibrators are guaranteed to take your sexual pleasure and intense orgasms to unimaginable heights. The vibrator is by far the most popular sex toy for women and you will find a variety of designs and models at Vibrators are vibrating dildos that are applied to erogenous vagina and used to achieve orgasm. Vibrators are used on sensitive vagina that increase sexual pleasure. An erogenous zone is the lustful vagina that produces sexual arousal during masturbation. A vibrator is a sex toy used for internal and external sexual stimulation, either through penetration or to vagina and clitoris. According to a medical study, vibrations increase blood flow and improve sexual activity and orgasm. Here you will find a sex assortment of vibrators, vibrating dildos and massage sticks. A vibrating wand that can be used to both stimulate your clitoris, anus, nipple, penis and to massage muscles. We have everything from small, practical finger clitoral vibrators to large and powerful wand massage devices that are guaranteed to vibrate you to incredibly powerful orgasms. A vibrator can easily liven up the mood in the bedroom and make masturbation more enjoyable, especially for women. Today there are many different types of vibrators on the sex market and all have their own unique characteristics, fit and functions to offer our users the most intense and enjoyable orgasm possible. One of the most popular vibrators is the rabbit vibrator that offers both vaginal stimulation while the rabbit ears stimulate the girl's clitoris. There are also clitoral vibrators that are specially designed to stimulate the clitoris and increase pleasure during both masturbation and sexual intercourse. Most of the vibrators are available at

  • Slavery

    Being a slave is great! The slave is fed, beaten and raped, he is taken care of. Bondage is an extremely titillating type of sex play, where one dominant partner takes control of the other's body and sexual pleasure. Explore the exciting world of bondage and bdsm together with your sexual partner. There is a wide range of bondage toys and BDSM products to help you take your sex life to the next level. We have everything from handcuffs and nipple clamps to ropes, whips and Restraints. BDSM is a name for a certain type of erotic role play. The letters in BDSM can stand for a few different things, depending on the type of BDSM you are interested in, but the most common abbreviation is Bondage, Discipline, Sadism and Masochism. This name can also be divided into further abbreviations such as B&D - Bondage and Discipline, D&S - Dominance & Submission or S&M - Sadism & Masochism. Bondage is a fetish that involves being bound or bound to increase sexual pleasure. For the vast majority of people, sexual bondage is about using things like handcuffs, ropes and tape to bind a partner for a sexual purpose. It can be anything from being tied to a bed to being strapped to a wall and usually involves a dominant person and a submissive person. The submissive person is the one who is tied down and the dominant person is the one who decides when, where and in what way the sex play is to be performed. Basically, bondage is about leaving your body and pleasure, or pain, in the hands of your sexual partner. Since bondage is a fairly broad term, there are many ways for those of you who are a little curious to start integrating it into your everyday sex life. It could be something as simple as asking your partner to handcuff you the next time you have sex, or you could start even simpler with a blindfold and a tickler. No matter how experienced you are with bondage, you are guaranteed to find here what you need! We also have a selection of bondage kit for beginners that are perfect for those of you who are curious about starting with bondage in your BDSM relationship. Most of the Bondage are available at

  • Male Orgasm

    Masturbate more! Masturbation is good for you. Masturbation is a normal part of a healthy sex life. Masturbators are sex toys to enhance self-pleasure for onanist with a beautiful cock. Masturbation is the self-stimulation of your big penis. Masturbator will increase your sexual pleasure to whole new levels of sexual satisfaction and will boost your sex life. Masturbators are intended to give your as much sexual pleasure as possible. Which masturbator suits you, it all depends on what kind of experience you want when you masturbate. A loose vagina, also pocket pussy, pussy stroker, blowjob masturbator and anal masturbator are the most popular sex toys for men. Investing in a good replacement vagina is an easy way to increase your sexual self-esteem and increase the pleasure during both masturbation and intercourse. Looking for a new way to take your enjoyment to the next level? Why not try a Mouth Masturbator with an opening for all types of penetration! If you want your masturbator to last as long as possible, it is very important that you take care of it properly. Follow the instructions for use and pay attention to substances or objects that the material must not come into contact with. Improper handling of the masturbator can cause the material to break and become discolored, smell bad or attract bacteria. Remember that the bigger and heavier the vagina, the more it takes to maintain it, and the more difficult it is to find a place to store it safely and optimally. Therefore, think carefully about the storage situation and how much time and energy you want to spend on maintenance before choosing your masturbator. Whether you are looking for powerful masturbators, exciting designs or realistic stimulation, there is a masturbators to suit you and your needs. Most of the Masturbators are available at

  • Cock Rings

    Become a bed superhero! Discover our entire range of Cock rings for maximum sexual pleasure! A penis ring allows you to get the most out of your erection and makes you get a harder erection that lasts longer. Cock rings are made of stretchable silicone and are easily put on your penis in a relaxed or erect state. When the Cock ring is on, it tightens your member and ensures that the blood stays in the penis longer, leading to bigger and more powerful erections. It's not just men who can enjoy a penis ring. In our sex toys range, you will find a selection of penis rings that both stimulate your sexual partner and give you a more powerful erection. There are vibrating penis rings that transform your penis into a powerful vibrator that stimulates your sexual partner's clitoris while giving her clitoral orgasm. Do you dream of a bigger penis? A penis cover, penis extender or penis sleeve is the male sex toy that increases both your length and girth and simply gives you a super penis! A penis cover gives both you and your sexual partner the opportunity to realize their sex dreams. In addition to giving you a bigger penis, a penis sleeve can be a great sex tool if you want to prolong intercourse. Most penis covers are made of a thick material that reduces the man's sexual sensitivity. This is an advantage if you want to last a little longer in bedstraw. A penis cover or penis sleeve can make your penis both longer and thicker, increasing pleasure for both during intercourse and spicing things up in the bedroom. Many penis covers are equipped with designs with studs and wedges to give your sexual partner maximum vaginal stimulation during penetration. Some penis covers even have textures on the inside so you can enjoy extra sensations too! If you want a true-to-life sexual experience, we have penis covers with lovely shafts that feel like real skin and with a realistic design with visible blood vessels. Most of the Penis Rings are available at

  • Lubricants

    Want to excite your intimate partner with exotic scents, are interested in an arousing Lubricant with a warming effect, or are  looking for a classic and reliable water-based lubricant for your own sexual pleasure? Many people think that you only need to use lubricant for sex or masturbation that involves the anal. The truth is that a good Lubricant can help all people get more sexual pleasure. A really good lubricant takes sexual experience to a whole new level and ensures that both you and a possible sexual partner can focus on the feeling. Good glide is especially important for those of you who love to have long, passionate evenings by yourself or with a sexual partner. In addition to reducing the risk of irritation and increasing sexual pleasure, a good Lubricant can also help some people last longer in bed. The reduced friction means that you are not stimulated in the same way and helps you achieve a more even sexual stimulation without sudden friction. In addition to helping you have more pleasant sex, a good lubricant can also spice up foreplay with your sexual partner, especially if you choose to use a flavored or scented lubricant. Using lube is very easy and there is really no right or wrong way to start. The best tip we can give you is to apply liberally to both you and your sexual partner or sex toys. Is it too much? Wipe off and start over. Is it too little? Throw in a little extra and see if it feels better. Also, don't be afraid to take another click if you feel the glide starting to slow down. When it comes to lube, too much is always better than too little. Also think about which of the lubricants you will probably need. Water-based versions are best for those who are allergic to silicone or who want better glide when using their silicone sex toys. Silicone has the ability to break down other silicone-based sex toys, it is therefore best that you use water-based Lubricant, so you avoid the risk of damaging your favorite sex toy while reducing the risk of irritation and discomfort after use. But which one you should use largely depends on what you prefer and how you will use the Lubricant. For those of you who are interested in anal play, we have a Anal Lubricant that are specially designed to provide maximum sliding and comfort during anal sex and anal masturbation. For couples sex, we offer a range of exciting and luxurious Cannabis Lubricant with both taste and fragrance that are guaranteed to bring your senses to life during your intimate moments. Using a Cum Lubricant is an easy way to increase the pleasure of oral sex. A Cum Lubricant is a simple way to raise the mood in a much more enjoyable way than a boring scented candle. We at work hard to ensure that all our Lubricant maintain an incredibly high level of both quality and function, especially when it comes to such an intimate product as lubricant. Which lubricant you choose is entirely up to you, but we at always recommend to experiment to find the Lubricant that suit you, your bodies or your intimare partner's bodies best.

  • Penis Pump

    A penis pump works by sucking blood into the penis using a vacuum to create an erection. A penis pump is a vacuum arrangement that can help your penis get hard for penetrative sex. The penis pump can also be used during masturbation and extracting sperm for you and your girl dinner. A penis pump is a great sex toy, but also the perfect aid if you experience erection problems. Increase both your penis size and your confidence with a penis pump. Watch your penis get bigger and thicker as the vacuum in the pump increases until you achieve the result you want. With a pump, you get a blowjob-like suction, which leads to harder erections that last longer. The penispump creates a perfect seal against the skin and creates a powerful vacuum inside the chamber. As the air is pumped out of the cylinder, blood flow to the penis increases, the tissue expands and an erection is achieved. It helps you improve the size and quality of your erections while giving you a real boost of confidence. Rub some lubricant around your penis and on the bottom part of the cylinder, then slide the cylinder over the penis. Then you gradually put pressure on the penis by pumping either by hand or via a button, depending on whether you have a classic penis pump or an automatic one. When you achieve a full erection, stop pumping. Using a penis pump is not dangerous. All the Penis Pump we sell are designed with safety first, therefore all penis pumps have a built-in stop that prevents you from pumping too much. Follow the instructions on the package and remember to stop immediately and contact a doctor if you feel pain or discomfort. Most of the Penis Pump are available at

  • Sensual Massage

    Sensual massage is an erotic massage aiming for relaxing, arousal, and connection between sexual partners while focusing sexual activity on erogenous zones. Erogenous zones are areas on the your sexy girl body that feel good and elicit a sexual pleasure when stroked and touched. Women's genital arousal is an automatic response to sexual massage. Focusing on touching your sexual partner's genitals would be the most direct path to orgasm. Sensual massage is one of the best ways to body connect and ignite intimacy. Use sexy massage to create an unforgettable romantic surprise! Sensual massage creates to increase emotional closeness and enhance sexual contact, while creating an extremely erotic and intimate experience. Want to update your intimate foreplay - learn to massage sensually. Let's propose an erotic massage. Your sexual foreplay repertoire expand, it's a perfect way to physically and emotionally connect with each other. Erotic massages always lead to hot sex afterwards. Explore the full sensual potential of intimate massage with inspirational sexual companion to enjoying the most erotic, intense and passionate lovemaking experiences. Master erotic massage techniques to heighten arousal, enhance sex and deepen orgasm. Discover how to pleasure every part of the body, to tease and please, from the neck to you and your sexual partner's most intimate parts. Create the ultimate sensual massage experience through fantasy, role-play, sex toys and erotic love games. You'll learn to add a powerful new dimension to your sex life, with sensual massage for enhancing sexual pleasure. Most of the top Massage are available at

  • Sex Therapy

    Aphrodisiac for battle sex! Discover the best natural libido boosters for men and women! Enhance your sexual wellness and enjoy a more satisfying intimate relationship. Aphrodisiacs are all sorts of herbal and chemical substances that aim to help people with their sexual lives. These can come in the forms of libido boosters, sensation enhancers or can even deal with more specific problems like stronger erections or tightening vagina walls. There are many possible reasons for having a low sex drive. Low sex drive = loss of libido - can affect both men and women. Libido refers to sexual desire is psychic drive  with sexual instinct, sexual pleasure and sexual object seeking. Libido booster should help increase your sex drive. We at have everything needed for your sexual arousal. Here are the Sexual Enhancers that contribute to better sex. Testofen is the major sex hormone in males and plays a number of important roles. Testosterone is the male sex hormone that is made in the testicles. Testosterone is associated with sex drive in men. It also affects mental health and Sperm production. Testosterone are important to normal male sexual development. Regardless of whether you have difficulty coming or come too quickly, there are aids for better sex here. We offer effective, high-quality Libido Enhancer that make you experience sexual pleasure in a whole new way! If you are one of those who constantly suffer from premature ejaculation, there are Delay Creme that can make you enjoy longer. Clitor and sexual pleasure becomes a pleasure. Simply gently massage in the Clit Gel can help you create an extraordinary feeling and an intense orgasm. Arousal clit gel are designed to magnify sexual pleasure by increasing blood flow and sensation in the clitoral area. Simply use a drop of the clit Gel on the clitoris, labia and vagina. The Sex Exciter section has various aphrodisiac products for him, for her, and for both of them. So based on the problem you want help with, try to look through the products you think the answer might hide in. Most of the Libido Enhancer are available at

  • Fuck Dolls

    A sex doll is a large doll that looks like a fucking human. Sex dolls are best-selling sex toys for men. A sex doll, also called a love doll, is the sex toy for you who want to achieve the same feeling as with a realistic fucking partner. Fuck your fantasy reliable girl! She doesn't need expensive gifts! Fuck her whenever and wherever you want and always for free! At you will find sex dolls to fuck them. Here you will find several different sex dolls to choose from, in life size with a full body or a torso with breasts, vagina and anus. We offer everything from inflatable sex dolls to those made in a more realistic skin-like material with limbs that can be bent and adjusted. No matter what type of sex doll you are looking for, you will find the perfect whore one here with us! In our sex dolls assortment you will find a variety of sex dolls. The cheapest sex dolls are inflatable and have different types of bodies and faces. Some have painted faces while others have more realistic doll faces and hair. Most sex dolls have the 3 fucking holes - mouth, pussy and anus and are inflatable to life size. Luxurious, lifelike sex dolls, also called real sex dolls, have more or less complete bodies and are entirely made of silicone. These real sex dolls are made like real bodies, whether you're beats her, stroking their hair, caressing their thighs, squeezing their breasts or burying yourself deep in their openings. Designing and producing a real full body is a long and expensive process, and the real sex doll will cost more. If you want a realistic sex doll that offers an almost human sex experience, we have some. It is important to take proper care of your sex doll if you want it to last as long as possible. An inflatable sex doll has the disadvantage that it must be inflated before sex use and deflated afterwards, but the advantage is that the material it is made of is extremely easy to clean with just soap and water. After the inflatable sex doll has dried and deflated, it can be easily packed away, hide and takes up very little space. If you buy a more expensive and luxurious silicone lifelike sex doll, the maintenance process can be more extensive and expensive. The included maintenance instructions should be followed to the letter, even if it takes a lot of time. A luxury sex doll can be very large and heavy, and thus can be difficult to store in a safe and optimal way. Therefore, carefully consider the storage situation and how much time and energy you want to spend on maintenance before choosing your perfect fuck buddy. Most of the Sex Dolls are available at

  • Fuck Machines

    Experience sex in a whole new way with a sex machine! A sex machine is bigger than traditional sex toys. They caress, vibrate and penetrate to bring you to orgasm by stimulating different parts of the body. The sex machines come with different designs, functions and in different price ranges. Sex machines are sex toys that provide maximum sexual pleasure with minimal effort on your part. When using other sex toys, you are in control of the penetration. A sex machine does this job for you. The result is that you don't get tired as quickly and you also get a more realistic experience. At you will find powerfully stimulating sex machines that are guaranteed to give you a unique sexual experience you won't soon forget. Sit back, relax and let the machine take care of your sexual pleasure. We have different sex machines from intensely vibrating saddles to sex machines with penetrating dildos that simulate the feeling of being penetrated. Experience a whole new kind of sexual pleasure with a powerful sex machine! Most sex machines have interchangeable accessories - dildos in different sizes and shapes so you can adapt the sexual experience to your mood. This also means that sex machines can be used by both women and men as you can often switch to an accessory for anal stimulation. In our sex shop you will find sex machines in various designs. Some are specially designed to be ridden, others deliver intense vibrations to your most intimate points, and others thrust in and out of you and let you enjoy different sexual positions. You can control the speed, how it will penetrate you, exactly where it will hit and more, depending on the model. A sex machine gives you full control over your sexual experiences. It is important to remember that sex machines are larger than traditional sex toys and less discreet. You may want to plan how to store it before you buy a sex machine. Despite this, there are many happy sex machine owners who find the extra power worth it. From powerful sexual experiences at any time to unlimited endurance - a sex machine gives you a sexual experience you will never forget! Most of the Fucking Machines are available at

  • Strap On

    A strap-on is a versatile sex toy that everyone can enjoy regardless of gender and sexual orientation. Strap-on for dirty anal pegging, vaginal penetratin and lesbian exciting couple play. Strap-ons are popular with both gay, lesbi and straight couples. A strap-on can work as a orgasm tool to make sex more exciting, or as an aid if you have problems with erectile dysfunction. A strap-on also gives you the opportunity to experiment with the stereotypical gender roles and vary who is in control. Strap-ons can be used in different ways by everyone and can really enrich your sex life! A strap-on is a sex toy that traditionally consists of a harness and a dildo with or without a hollow inside. strap-ons come with a dildo attached to the harness, while others come separately and attach to the harness with a flat base or a suction cup base combined with an O-ring. The O-ring keeps the dildo in place and ensures you can penetrate your sexual partner without worrying about strap-on moving. The harness is adjustable to fit most sizes. In sex toys assortment you will find various types of strap-ons. With a strap-on, the woman can penetrate a man anally, also known as pegging, or penetrate another woman vaginally or anally. A strap-on is a great sex toy for lesbian couples if you want to experience penetration during sex. For a man, a strap-on can be used for double penetration or for penetration in cases of erectile dysfunction. In the latter case, one must choose a strap-on dildo with a hollow inside. These strap-ons models are also perfect if your sexual partner simply wants a fuller orgasm experience during intercourse. Strap-ons can therefore suitable for everyone and are an exciting sex toy that can open up a whole new sex world of possibilities. Check out our sex toys range and find a strap-on that suits you and your needs! Most of the strap-ons are available at

  • Female Pumping

    Get the most out of your sex experience with a vagina pump, clitoris pump, breast pump or nipple pump. In this category you will find stimulating pumps for the vagina, clitoris and breasts. These female pumps are designed to create a vacuum that increases blood flow to your erogenous zones, causing the area to swell and increase sensitivity. If you want to increase your sensitivity, a vagina pump, clitoris pump, breast pump and nipple pump is the perfect sex toys for you! A clitoris pump is used to make the clitoris swell and become extra sensitive to touch. You place the pump over the clitoris and start pumping to create a vacuum. When you pump, you increase the blood supply to the area, making your clitoris extra sensitive to stimulation. Clitoral pumps increasing the size of the clitoris. Most pumps have an air valve that allows you to easily and quickly reduce the vacuum for safe use. A vagina pump causes your outer labia to swell and makes them extra sensitive to sexual stimulation. Place the pump over your labia and start pumping. The blood flow will increase and the vagina area will become sensitive to touch. A breast pump makes your breasts look bigger and a nipple pump makes your nipples bigger and more sensitive. Regardless of whether you use a breast pump or a nipple pump, the cups should be placed over the area and then just start pumping. A vacuum will be created and the blood supply will increase to the breasts or nipples. This makes them both larger and more sensitive. If you also add vibrations to the equation, it's hard to imagine any other result than pure orgasm! The vibrating bullet stimulates you while you arousal pump for extra sex pleasure. It feels like an tongue licking and sucking you into ecstasy! Just sit back and enjoy. With a vagina pump, clitoris pump, breast pump or nipple pump that has exciting nipples on the inside, you can add another stimulating element to the sexual experience. Be sure to clean the cups after use with mild soap for hygienic use. Browse through our pump range, find the perfect pump for you and enjoy your sex life! Most of the top Female Pumping - pussy pump, clitoris pump, breast pump, nipple pump available at

  • Air Stimulators

    Air pressure vibrator your sexual pleasure - your orgasm choice! Air pressure vibrators are a revolutionary orgasm sex toy! Air vibrators are exactly what women want! Air pressure vibrator designed for fast, intense and multiple orgasms! The innovative air pressure technology delivers a unique touch-free masturbation effect that you have not experienced before. The air pressure vibrators allow you to choose the arousal level of intensity - which means that all women can enjoy these amazing sex toys, whether you prefer weak, medium or strong sexual stimulation. Air pressure vibrators provide classic vibrations in addition to the unique air pressure waves. So you don't have to choose between air pressure or vibration masturbation, you can get both at the same time! Air stimulator stimulates the clitoris through pressure waves and completely without touch. Air stimulator is a clitoris stimulator that is designed to take your orgasm pleasure to new dimensions with the help of both vibration and pulsating air pressure. Air stimulators used an innovative technology with air pressure to provide many choices and intense sexual stimulation. Air stimulators are very effective and are made of silky and body-friendly silicone. Try the Air stimulator which massages your clitoris using air pressure and vacuum, similar to cunnilingus. It is very effective but at the same time gentle and gives you pleasant orgasms, again and again by sucking on the clitoris inside the mouth of the vibrator. sells the latest version of Air stimulators with a unique vacuum technology that creates an air pressure and air waves against the clitoris. Many women experience multiple orgasms and the most intense orgasms they have ever experienced when using Air stimulators. Place the nozzle over your clitoris and hold it there. With the help of pressure waves, it sucks the clitoris in a sensationally pleasant way which causes blood flow to increase. Whether you like light or more intense oral sex stimulation, Air stimulators are guaranteed to satisfy you. The air pressure vibrators are available in different designs and the smaller versions are a perfect aid during sex if you want or need extra arousal stimulation of the clitoris. The air pressure technology that the vibrators use stimulates the clitoris in a completely new way. Air pressure vibrators send lovely air pressure waves through the clitoris, providing stimulation to the entire clitoris, even the parts you can't see. The air pressure waves create a more intense and profound arousal stimulation than traditional vibrators. Air pressure vibrators deliver an extended climax after a sensual orgasm that comes from deep within your sexy body. Women describe the arousal stimulation as a pulsating or vibrating sensation, while others compare it to oral sex. Air pressure vibrators have revolutionized the sex toy market and clearly show that air pressure technology is best for orgasm. Begin by parting the labia so that the clitoris is exposed. Place the air pressure vibrator around the clitoris and apply light pressure to create a tight seal. Then start the vibrator and you're good to go! Go through the different masturbation intensity levels and explore the different functions until you find the perfect sexual stimulation for you! Air stimulators are welcome to accompany you into the shower or the bathtub, the pressure waves feel incredibly intense and unique under the surface of the water. Feel free to use a water-based lubricant to increase the feeling even more. Most of the Air Stimulator are available at

  • Penis Extender

    Check out the range of penis extenders. Do you want a permanently bigger penis without surgery or a doctor's visit? Then you've come to the right sex shop! Get a longer penis with a penis extender! In the Penis Enlarger category you will find our penis extenders. These are useful device that can make your penis longer and increase its girth. With a penis extender, you will not only experience a physical difference, but also a boost in your self-esteem that can lead to a better sex life. Many men worry about having a small penis and not being able to satisfy their sexual partner. A penis extension can be a good solution! The benefits are many and the result can have both a physical and psychological positive effect. Penis extenders are the only documented method that provides a permanently longer penis. has many different types of penis extenders. In this category you will find the most popular and well-known brands for penis enlargement. Our popular penis extenders work by stretching the tissue in the penis. This stimulates the cells to divide and increase in number, which increases the tissue mass and you get a longer and bigger penis. The enlargement takes place both on the length and circumference of the penis. Our penis extenders combine the strongest power with a lightweight product that is easy to wear under your clothes. The penis extenders unique design allows you to use your penis extender in the shower or bath while increasing your penis size, power and treating conditions such as erectile dysfunction. High user satisfaction and real results have been reported by millions of users worldwide who have tried penis extender. Penis Enlarger allows you to build real, long-lasting changes and is suitable for both new and experienced users. The process of penis enlargement takes time. You need to be patient and consistent if you want to achieve lasting results. Penis Extenders are Penis Enlargement that are designed to be used regularly over time to give you a longer and bigger penis. You will not achieve a lasting result if you do not use them continuously. It is therefore important to ask yourself if you are ready to embark on this journey and are mentally prepared. If you feel you are ready to do what it takes to increase your penis size and confidence, we have some of the world's best penile extension products to help you achieve your goals! Most of the top Penis Extender and Penis Enlarger available at

  • Electrotherapy

    Experience sexual thrills with electrostimulation! Electrify your sex life! Electrosex toys stimulate you with electricity. Electrosex is a sexual execution involving the application of electrical stimulation to the nerves of the body, with emphasis on the genitals, using a power source for sexual arousal stimulation. Electrostimulation give you a deeper, more intense arousal stimulation than other sex toys. When you have electrosex, you use electricity to stimulate your or your partner's body. Conducting electric current gives a sensational sexual experience! The electricity can cause you to reach orgasm without any other stimulation. Electrosex a fantastic sexual experience that will take your sex life to completely new dimensions. offer and sell Electrosex Devices, Electro Butt Plugs, Electro Clamps, Electro Cock Cage, Electro Dildos, Electro Loops, Electro Pinwheel, Electro Urethral Sound, Electro Vibrators and a variety of other exciting sex toys and accessories with electro function. Electrosex toys provide a completely different type of sexual experience than traditional sex toys. Whether you're looking for electrosex toys to use on your own or with your sexual partner, we have everything for electro orgasm. When the electro sex toy is used together with a lover, you share the experience and will experience erotic tingling every time you touch each other. In assortment there is a wide selection of electro accessories for both internal and external electrostimulation. We offer electro gadgets for both the beginner and the more experienced user. Most of the erotic electrostimulation available at

  • Sex Organs

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